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Endothil CR


You all are welcome to take this as another dumb post, and respond with "omg what an idiot endothil does nothing lololol," like I see you all have done to topics regarding this supplement in the past. I have some news though, I've seen the effects of this drug first hand.

Okay, well maybe not first hand.... but second hand ;p .

One of my friends has taken this drug for 4 of the 5 weeks that his dosage allowed for. He started off in decent shape (6', lean, about 187) and has followed their workout recommendation by working about two muscle groups to failure each day. He also took measurements before and after. We generally both happened to go to the gym at the same time, and I saw him working to failure ( generally 3-4sets x failure ) for about 4 or so different exercises per muscle group. After 4 weeks, he now weighs 204 and still looks ripped. It looks as if he did not put on any fat mass. I know, this sounds pretty unbelievable, but I can honestly say that Endothil has done wonders for my friend. As far as the measurements go, the only measurement I remember is that his arm measurement has increased by an inch, and I know all of his other measurements increased as well.

My question - I am thinking of taking endothil cr once I rotate back off of my total body training ( in about 8 weeks ) and return to split training, have any of you guys tried endothil cr and followed their recommendation of working 1-2 muscle groups to failure? What have your results been like?

I know, 17lbs of lean muscle mass and an inch gain on upper arm measurements in 4 weeks sounds almost impossible, but trust me - it worked and you can tell just by looking at him.


P.S. - Does anyone know the side effects of this supplement? (other than neon orange urine). Is the muscle grown useful muscle tissue? I assume it would be and is safe for athletes since it is used to help get atrophy victims back on their feet.

Any feedback is appreciated.


My apologies - he was also taking protein this time, but just strict gnc brand whey.

And to those of you that say the ingredients look like nothing more than some B2 or whatever, the portion of the drug that is supposed to be potent is in the green tomato extract.

As always though, I'd really appreciate feedback of others or questions/comments.



Mabey I missed this:

Is this his first time working out?

Did he also alter his diet significantly?

Any other changes? (he didn't use tried and true creatine for $15, but he did use a $60 mystery supplement?)


I once gained a similar amount of lean mass to your friend in 4 weeks, except I was not using Endothil CR I was using, Test Cyp, Deca, Dianobol, HCG and Nolvadex. This stuff must be a true steroid alternative.


What the hell is endothil? 17 lbs lean mass in a week sounds a little unbelieveable...ok a lot unbelievable. If it really did that for your friend I don't blame you for being excited, but I can't imagine how it would even be possible. It was only 1 week?


You won't even gain 17lbs of muscle (not including water weight) in one week on ANY amount of steroids.

Your friend most likely weighed himself at different times of the day. Weight can differ up to 10lbs due to food/liquids in your digestive system.


Woops my apologies, I was tired when I wrote the original post. I said 4 weeks at the top then said a week at the bottom, I see where you got confused there. It was 17lbs of lean muscle mass in 4weeks, not 1... sorry ;p . Regardless, that is still a very substantial number.

And no, he wasn't taking creatine, anabolics, or any other supplements. Just endothil cr and whey protein. There were no strict dietary changes and he certainly worked out before this. Before he started taking endothil (about 3weeks before) we had a pushup contest (which I won...naturally), but he still pushed out 75pushups straight which is far greater than a beginners number.



I seriously doubt anyone one here will fall for that product, pure fuckin' crap is what is is c'mon wake up!

tin can


Haha I thought so too Tin Can, but the results on my friend are pretty ridiculous and I'm actually kind of jealous of his rapid increase.

I thought my 15lbs of lean muscle in 2months only using protein + fish oils for supplements was good. 17lbs in 4 weeks is just unbelievable. And he may have weighed himself at different parts of the day, but he looks a lot more jacked than he used to as well.

I didn't see him shirtless for about four weeks during the process, then one day I walked down to say hi and he happened to be shaving. My first reaction was "holy shit man, you've gotten bigger." Then he told me that he added 17lbs of lean muscle, and I didn't doubt it for a second. He looks about 20lbs bigger.



What was he shaving ? His palms ?


I read up on it quite a bit and was pretty skeptical. There's been a bunch of new designer prohormones and steroid alternatives lately that at least from a glance look promising but I still doubt their worth a shit.


Is this his first time going 4 weeks straight to the gym with better nutrition? Maybe he has those elusive "good genetics" plus the newbie gains?


No, actually he was shaving his head as he used to go to Valley Forge and I guess is still a fan of the shaved head look haha. Thanks for that lovely insight though, really appreciated it.



I've seen the ingredients. If somebody actually gained seventeen pounds in four weeks while using Endothil CR, it wasn't from using ECR.


The penny dropped huh.


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 30
Per Serving % Daily
Riboflavin 6.8 mg 400%
Proprietary Blend
-Green Tomato SE
-Grape Seed SE
-Grean Tea SE
-Rutin 9 mg ?
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
?Daily Value not established

17lbs in 4 weeks off of this crap? No way


As I said before, the green tomato extract is where the huge benefit suppsedly comes from. I wasn't aware that all of you were molecular biologists though, my apologies ;p .

Again I will state that I didn't believe it either, but it's the truth.



Wake up. The guy just doesn't want to admit what the hell he was really taking...

Change your name to Mr. Gullible.


I was on endothil cr for a little while. I read the article in a muscle mag and it sounded pretty unbelievable so I had to try it. Believe it or not people, as crappy as the ingredients may look, the stuff works even crappier. I have never been more dissapointed in a product than I am in this one.

I mean the directions alone sound bogus:
Take one tablet half an hour before working at, while savoring the flavor as long as possible without swallowing. WTF?????

Since when do you have to savor something to get the nutrients. I guess because this stuff actually tastes like tomatoes when you savor it that it's supposed to prove a point. T

he pills are tiny too. As soon as I saw how tiny these pills are I knew I had gotten ripped off. Nothing can make u get such great amounts of improvement while only taking a tiny (and i mean tiny) pill once a day. This stuff would have to be super potent and if it was then people would be selling it left and right. This stuff is a marketing scam.


Now, there's a response that is worthwhile. Did you work your muscles to complete failure? You're supposed to pretty much work whatever part of your body incredibly hard. He was using intensity techniques such as pre/post fatigue, 1 1/2 reps, supersetting almost everything on whichever two muscle groups he worked each day. If your muscles aren't utterly blown away, then you're not going to get much benefit from the drug.

Also, were you still taking adequate protein supplements? because your muscles need lots of protein to help the fibers recover that much. If you were, then I don't know what to tell ya. I've heard other instances of it not being as good as it's hyped up to be, so I guess it doesn't surprise me.

And Vroom - this guy is a really good friend of mine and he's not the type of guy that would care about admitting to steroid usage or anything like that. With that being said, he's in fact adamantly against anything that alters testosterone levels which is why he decided to try this drug.