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Has anyone ever heard of it or had any expirinece with it? It says its supposed better than steriods.

Think it actually works or is it a bunch of shit??



Bunch of shit...no doubt..


i read the research and know a bit about research methods and the study they did and it sounds legit...as far as the supplement, i decided to test it out and tried some today and felt a definite pump during my workout. furthermore, i can tell my t levels are up because i'm still kinda feelin the pump and i went to dinner with my bro and he said i was "edgy" as in a little more aggressive than usual. i'm gonna try it out for a month and i'll let yall know what kinda gains i get.


Aren't you like 18 years old?

You felt you t-levels go up in one day? wow!! This stuff must rock!!


You literally made me LOL with this one.


I tried it for 6 weeks and experienced no signifigant gains. Nothing beats good old Creatine and Protien.