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Endoscopy Procedure


im wondering if anyone has ever had an Endoscopy. i want to know how long they are supposed to have the tube in your mouth. the reason i ask, is because im in foreign country and my friend has a mystery chest problem that is causing her some serious pain and also crippling her mobility and spirits.

she had an endoscopy, but as she doesn’t speak the language, and mosy the doctors and nurses dont sepak english, they didnt explain the procedure in much detail. she was expecting to be put to sleep, but they suddenly jammed the scope down her throat. it lasted no more than a few seconds, she said, and then she freaked out and pulled it out. that was that. they finished the op.

anyway the docs came back and said everything is fine down there. our worry is that they didn’t really have enough time to have a look down there, and as every other test is coming back clear, we are getting rather frustrated and anxious about the whole situation. just want to find out what it is. do you think she needs to have it done again?


I was always given Versed. This didn’t really knock me out, so much as relax me and literally cause me to forget what was going on, as it was going on. That’s the best I can describe it. Usually, I’d remember getting an injection, then later on realize I was recovering post-procedure, without knowing the procedure had even been done. Supposedly I was often trying to hold a conversation even as they were attempting to fit the mouth bite/guard so they could advance the scope. The first time they told me such, I thought they were pulling my leg. Until then, I’d been convinced I was sleeping through the procedures. I only have a few fragmented memories of becoming aware of the procedure for a few seconds, gagging, relaxing, then becoming “aware” again to find myself recovering. For the most part though, I wouldn’t have even known they were already done, without being told.

I’m not sure what to tell you about the length of time. I suppose if there was something specific they were looking for, at a specific region, it might be rather quick. But, I wonder if maybe they gave her versed, and the amnestic effect has skewed her memory of the event.

I hope things turn out well for your friend, and that some answers will come soon.

I’ve gotten it done twice, and both times they knocked me out with Anesthesia and the procedure lasted about 45 minutes (apparently.)

Let me guess, you’re in Thailand?

well, she was very awake and says she remembered the whole thing. doesn’t seem right, but i’ll talk to her again. the communication barrier is so frustrating at times. im in south korea.