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Endorsed Cube/531 Hybrid?


Hey Jim, I know both you and Brandon Lilly come from a Westside background, and your programs have a few similarities, so I thought it would be cool if you were to work together and create a new program that combines the best aspects of both. Is this something you would ever consider doing?


I know Brandon but not terribly well - for example, I don't know if he shaves his balls or what toppings he likes on his human-sushi plate (or Human Pony Girl). I'm not a big fan of combining programs and Id have to test it out first - one thing I cannot do for another year or two. And I respect Brandon too much to do business with him. Friends/Business don't mix.


Thanks for the answer. That makes sense that you wouldn't want to ruin a friendship with business.


Hey Randy, i'm not Jim but a gym buddy of mine is running his own 531/Cube hybrid. Basically what he did was shuffle up the 531 cycle so that each week one of the lifts is the 5/3/1 day, and the others will be the 5's day or 3's day. When you look at the cycle as a whole it looks similar to the Cube Method. Other than that he's basically doing the Triumvirate. He's an older mid-50's lifter and after a couple cycles he says it helps a lot with his recovery.


^ so there's never a true Deload. older lifter and recovery has improved doing this. interesting. placebo effect is real.


Nuts! I thought about doing this a while ago, but forgot about it. Sometimes the five weeks get tough so I thought shuffling might alleviate it, but I also like that I pretty much know exactly what I'm doing on a given day that week.


Actually yeah i'm not sure if he still does the deload week. I'll have to ask next time i see him.


yea man I was being sort of sarcastic or whatever. staggering the weeks like that is a bad idea. Jim himself has said so many times. I mean, each persons training is there's to fuck up- but when it fails don't go telling people that 5/3/1 sucks because "you" weren't doing 5/3/1 if the weeks are staggered. copy?


That's an interesting idea. Does he increase the training max twice in order to get 9 weeks, and then do a mock meet on the tenth week like the cube? Or does he just increase the training max indefinitely with resets similar to 531? Does he use Jim's 90% training max or Brandon's 95% training max as a base? I've heard of people using 531 for rep days on the cube. This is something new. It sounds good for recovery, but I don't think it will accomplish "max effort" or "dynamic effort" for the cube.