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Endomorph Woman Can Gain Muscle?

she put muscle easy or difficult ?

I’ll go with medium…ISH!!!

Everybody can put on muscle. While body type and gender can play a role in how much and quickly someone can put on muscle, what’s more important is the mindset and the consistency that they put into their goals.

The whole endo/meso/ecto is such a broad over generalization, that I don’t think you can clearly answer a question like that and have it adequately address all endomorphic women.

I honestly believe everyone can gain muscle if they do things correctly for their own unique situations. Might endomorphs appear naturally stronger when they begin training due to being heavier most of their lives? Possibly, but using a heavier weight doesn’t always equate to building more muscle or building muscle quicker than anyone else.


Kind of going with Brick (I mean Stu) on this one, those Somatotype discriptions aren’t worth crap in my opinion.

A guy by the last name of Sheldon who was a psychologist tried to group people by how they looked. Constitutional psychology isn’t really a practice that’s taken seriously anymore, or even credited that much, so you can kind of take info such as this with a grain of salt.

Most people would be better off analyzing how they partition nutrients, insulin sensitivity or lack thereof, nutrient timing, cutting fat, and going about a reasonable hypertrophy/strength gain regimen, instead of worrying about whether they are a meso/ecto/Endomorph. Women included.

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Glad I’m not the only one who confuses @The_Mighty_Stu and @BrickHead haha


Dammit. I also confuse Khangles and Yogi too.

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lol really guys?! Two posters can’t both have avatar pics being extremely shredded and winning pro cards while also being pretty bright dudes who humbly and politely try to help everyone else out? :wink: