Endomorph Looking to Cut Down to 5% BF

What’s up everybody. I pretty much hijacked another thread with this question, like a moron and Brook reminded me that I should just start a new thread.

Well here it goes. I have been training for about 1 1/2 yrs. I am 31 yrs. old and I went from a scary 6’1" 240 unknown (thank God!) BF% to 185 with 8% BF right now, I feel great! I have done it all natural with ALLOT of hard training and following Precision Nutrition to a T. Coming from my background of always being the fat kid in school and never having anyone pay any attention to me the change has been quite nice. However, with that said I would really lke to throw even more pie in the faces of my harshest critics this summer. I would LOVE to show up looking shredded as wheat!!!

I am considering trying this Anavar stuff for a 10 week cycle to see if I can get myself to about 5% BF with allot more vascularity. I already have the six pack, but there is a weird combo of the last tiny bit of fat coupled with loose skin around my very lower abdominal area. I am pretty sure that there is not much I can do about the extra skin left over from my fatty lazy days, I just figured that would work itself out over time and to be honest it seems to slowly be getting better on it’s own. The reason I picked Avavar to start was cause I heard that in testing it seems to provide extra fat losses in the lower abdominal area.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

From what a few endo friends have told me who have competed they feel like shit under like 7% or so… Always tired, I naturally am very lean so i dont feel this way but just something to be aware of.

I hear ya. I do very well with structure and progress checks. I am the kind of person that can sit back and assess the situtaion and depending on the results change things around.

If I see that I start to feel really lethargic and I can see a drop off in strength or agility I would definetly make the necissary changes or cease immediatly. Thanks for the input!!

I used to be mates with an old time mid/top level GB amateur last year at a gym i was using at the time, and he told me that when he used to stay under 6% for a while to do a couple or more shows - it would totally change him.

He would be mean and grumpy - fucking badass actually apparently (i bet the massively high androgen content at that time didnt help!) with all around him, but as soon as he ventured upto 8% he would be fine. Back to normal.

He told me many of his competing friends were the same way, that under a certain % it affects a guy to maintain that for any length of time. It isnt natural.

What i am saying is that for someone who isnt needing to be at such a low bodyfat level - and doesnt naturally lower to such a level… then 8-10% is not only very respectable but when holding a decent level of muscle (as we all should!) it will look fuckin great.


Right on man! Thanks!!! I guess I should just be happy with the great accomplishment I already acheived all natural and just keep working at it the way I have been. Thanks for the response.

If I were you Id work more on gaining muscle while maintaing bodyfat. 185 at 8% is great but 195 at 8% is even more impressive than 185 @ 5% IMO

You know what, that may be exactly the thing I was needing to hear!

I agree whole heartedly.

welcome aboard mate. :wink:

Normally I would never tell someone with only a year and a half of experience to juice but you have obviously shown you know what you are doing in the gym and more importantly the kitchen so at your age you’d probably benifit a lot from a well structured cycle…i agree with these guys though that your goal should be muscle gain not fat loss.

At 185lbs 8%bf you are already lean enough but would look a lot more jacked if you added 15lbs of muscle. You should do a real cycle though (test) and forget about the var. As long as you keep your diet clean and keep estrogen in check you’ll stay lean on you cycle and you’ll gain a hell of a lot more mass than you will on var.