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Endomorph-Help me out please

I am 29, 6’, 245lb, approximately 25%BF. (38" waist, I carry my weight well.) I have lifted regularly since 16, but have hard time loosing bodyfat. I am very thick,fairly strong/powerful, but soft. I competed heavily in HS and college wrestling at 177lb/190lb, but think I really screwed up my metabolism cutting weight. (I could drop 19lbs in 5 days) I can no longer loose weight. Anyone in the same boat? The Doc tells me its my genetics.

  1. I usually get 3k calories daily 40/40/20
  2. I do sometimes binge after 7pm
  3. I can’t sleep if I take ECA products after 1pm.
  4. I have T2 coming, how should I use it given my bodyweight?
  5. I have been using omega 3 fish oils (1000mg caps) how many should I take daily given my 245 lbs.
  6. I am cardiovascularly fit, I jog 15-20 miles weekly, and can cover 5 miles in an hour.
  7. I have never “juiced” contrary to my doc’s opinion. I had blood work done a year ago, I don’t have the numbers, but he said I had too high T levels. Is it possible that I am a T-machine that is overproducing and being converted to estrogen. Would an estrogen-blocker by itself help me? Keep in mind I like my nuts and want to have kids without 3 eyes from chemical stupidity.
    I’m not really interested in a “quick” fix. I want permanent solutions and will do the work.
    Help me out if you live in my house, or if you have helped someone successfully with an endomorphic body.

you need to pack on lean mass and build up your fat burning engines. jogging is not going to help you. sprinting will. 5 mile runs are a waste of energy for you. how do you consider yourself fit if you average 12 minute miles for 5 miles. Even if you ran 8 minute miles i would not consider that fit. besides you are not a middle distance runner and are not training for that. better for you to workout with serious free weights for an hour. not only will you build up mass, gain stregth, you will boost your metabilism. try the md6 along with the T2. get your hormone levels checked out. supplementing with a little Tribex or methoxy 7 would do you good. you have to watch what you eat. its definitely an educational process you have to go through. have you ever tried a low carb diet with a high volume weight routine? What is your experience with weight training, and what kind of routines and splits have you done? Do you do squats and deadlifts? You have to work hard. PS, i’m training my college roomate who was 6’2" 280 with a lot of body fat. laters pk

Hi V2. I have an endomorphic tendency too, so I know what you mean.
— 3k calories a day (if you’re training hard) right now at your weight isn’t bad. I’m assuming you mean 40carbs/40protein/20fat. Have you tried cutting down (not out) on the carbs? Specifically, starches and legumes (potatoes, bread, pasta, beans, etc). This alone could net you some loss. I’m not going to go into specific #'s, because that is something each person has to figure for their own body, but try to stick to leafy veggies and some fruit for your carbs.
— Ah, yes, the late night binge. Yeah, I know, discipline is key, but we all fall off the wagon from time to time. If you have to eat later on, try to avoid carbs. You don’t want the insulin spike that late. Fat tends to satiate hunger rather well, so try to have something of a protein/fat nature.

—Running will tend to take weight off you. But it’s hard to make sure you’re in the “target zone” for fat burning when running. 5mph is a 12min min, which is a little slow (but if it get’s your heart rate up, that’s what’s key)but you’re doing a decent amount of mileage. If you notice you can’t keep in the target heart rate for fat loss (lot of debate here, but I think 65-75% of max is an accepted rate), either too high or too low, perhaps you should consider using stationary bike/treadmill/stairs to keep you HR firmly in the zone.
If nothing else, really try to incorporate the reduction of processed carbs in your diet. I really think it makes a big difference.
Good luck.

I do not think dieting is going to help you. I think you hit the nail on the head with the over abundance of T in your system. This is probably converting to estrogen giving you the soft problem. I would investigate a nice anti-estrogen for a month and see haow that performs for you. I think you will see improvment based on what you said.

I think I really need to curtail the night binge. PK, Bob, my HR when I run is around 155-160, the 70%+range.
Has anyone ever found or compiled simple lower carb meals that don’t require Julia Childs to make? The real simple stuff without exotic names and ingredients. Stuff that takes less than 15 minutes to do?
PK, I do squat, occasionally deadlift. I just tend to get thicker, no definition. I tore out my right pectoral in April, since then I have been doing higher reps/50-60% max. I seem to be getting better pumps/peaks, but still frustrated with fat retention. (I’m going to get crap for this) I did the body for life 12 week program with co-workers, followed the diet and all, I did not get more cut, only a bit lighter. I did not binge or cheat-this leads me to believe I may need some hormonal manipulation/repair. I’m interested if anyone has ever personally fooled around with their thyroid to overcome this type of problem.-V2