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Endogenous vs Exogenous Testosterone

Are there any differences with exo vs endo T - levels being equal? I’ve used Enclomiphene to get my levels around the 800 mark and I’ve used exo T to get around the same levels.

Each time tho I felt very different even tho levels were the same, high endo T I felt confidence in a different way more grounded and calm and collected - exo T I felt a lot more hyper energy and sense of well being in a goofball way.

Curious what could cause these effects… my guess is the increase in LH FSH from Enclomiphene increases other hormones and neurosteroids like GABA serotonin etc. Whereas exo T shuts down that pathway and all the other hormones LH affects.

What else are we missing out on with shutting down this pathway? Is pregnenalone/DHEA necessary then to backfill the shutdown of this pathway?

Were the test, SHBG, E2 readings all similar?

Maybe its just how the clomid made you feel. Did you feel better on clomid or on test?

It was androxal so clomid without the zuclomiphene that causes all the estro side effects. And I felt great on it - more “complete” not just a high testosterone guy but as if my whole body/mind leveled up. Cognitively, physically, more controlled emotions and mature masculinity as opposed to exo test feel like a horny teenager. I think there may be something to the shutdown pathways that a lot of guys try and backfill with pregnenalone/dhea

Yes pretty much all around the same… the other thing I was thinking is maybe since Enclomiphene blocks estro receptors IN the pituitary gland - the positive psychological benefits I experienced could be from less estro receptors being activated in the brain and more T receptors in the brain getting activated causing more GABA, serotonin etc.

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Good question :grinning:
Hoping someone smart can shine some light

I have no answers,but I would very much like to know where you can get Enclomiphene.I thought it never got passed by the FDA ?!