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Endocrinologist vs Anti-Aging Clinic

So I’ve been with Defy since August and realizing it’s expensive as hell for me. I mean $600+ every 3 months is a lot for lab panel+medications,doctor appointments with a PA.

  1. Are endocrinologists caring about putting patient in optimal T levels like Anti-aging clinic? If only putting in normal would they be willing to put me at optimal T level?Also my PCP offered to continue and take care of my low T health but he doesn’t know anything about it as much including all the labs to order.Is this worth a shot ?

  2. I’ll be saving a lot of money and that’s the sole reason why. I’m a student who also works a low level warehouse position. Otherwise I don’t have ANY complaints about DEFY. They seem to be experts for real lol.

Unlikely you will find a doc willing to optimize. Generally they want you mid-range. If you get a good one they will go by how you feel and not the numbers. Rare though.


Took the words right out of my mouth, my doctor contacted me through the patient portal and said, “congratulations” Total T is 440 ng/dL and you’re right on target, “congratulations”. A 440 Total T is associated with cardiovascular disease. --> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27843074

Endocrinologist triage the patient and are told to target midranges, they get you in the normal ranges and then there are done and are onto to the next patient, little time is spent optimising you because they have 20-30 patient to see in a day.

They don’t have time to sit down and figure out your case, this is how managed healthcare works, "in range is normal and often never even consider Free T levels which matters the most.

Defy Medical is minimum $1200 and maximum $2000 yearly, it’s rare to find a place who is affordable and staffing experience doctors. Having experience doctors at this level is on average more expensive.

In the UGL world, $600 would buy you 11 bottles of Test Eth 250mg/ml and about 100 syringes. At a dose of 250 mg/week, you would have enough to last roughly 2 years!

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I never really added it all up.
2xyear consules $90 up to 1 hour each total 180
2 blood test per year 225 each total 450
T cyp 129 4 10ml bottles per year total 516
hCG 11000iu 70 bucks 3 per year total 210
anastrozole 1.50 each 110/year total 165
Annual cost for me $1521/12= $126/month
I don’t really take my anastrozole anymore since I got my protocol tuned in.
I also cut my hCG from 1500iu/wk to 800iu so my annual cost is even a bit lower.