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Endocrinologist Recommendation in Toronto?

I did some blood tests, my doctor prescribed 200mg of Delatestryl every 3 weeks. He doesn’t want to break it down to weekly and he didn’t prescribe HCG, which after reading a lot about TRT, I think its something I want to include in my protocol. He doesn’t seem to be very knowledgable about TRT in general, so I was wondering if anyone on this Forum knows a good Endocrinologist in Toronto that they tried before and can recommend? Thank you

If we are talking about an endocrinologist understate healthcare, you have a better chance winning the lottery. An endocrinologist doesn’t specialize in TRT and that’s kind of my point. HCG together with TRT isn’t going to happen under state healthcare, meaning state healthcare doctors aren’t permitted to allow it, funding isn’t unlimited. It’s HCG or TRT, but not both.

You need a private specialists not shackled to the state healthcare system.

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You were lucky to find a doc in Toronto to prescribe. I have an endo next week will let you know how it goes

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Thanks, please do!