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Endocrinologist Questions

So I’m going to see an endo on Monday to get blood work done before doing a cycle. First, I want to make sure I’m asking for the right things:

Total test
Free test
Liver enzymes
Kidney enzymes
Lipid profile

Secondly, has anyone had success with telling an endo you’re going on cycle or are already on one and getting a prescription for aromasin and/or Nolvadex? I’d be curious as to how they react to these scenarios. Thank you.


Surely you would have PCT, Adex and tamoxifen on hand before starting any cycle. Would you just get this from wherever you’re getting the other drugs?

I do have the Nolvadex already, I had to get that from a website. Funny enough the guy who got me my test and dianabol had no PCT (PEDs aren’t his thing, this was as a favor to me).

I ask about that from the endo as it would be cheaper and enable me to have more on hand in the future.

Thank you for your suggestions on the blood work.

Add LH & FSH if you aren’t already on T

Awesome, thanks Dexter.

Endo was clueless, it was ridiculous. Anyone have an endo in NYC they recommend?