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Endocrinologist Is On Board For TRT

I had some blood work done recently and my Total T was 350 and my Free T was 57. Talking to my Endo on the phone he is on board for TRT and I go in and talk to him more about it Tuesday with this said what should I request as far as amount of Testosterone and anything I should take with it?

You should start TRT in isolation with no other drugs, protocol decisions should consider SHBG levels. Your Total T and Free T levels indicate SHBG is about midrange and should consider 60mg twice weekly dosing.

Testosterone Cyp (Half life 8 days) steady state in 40 days, then retest levels.

Thanks for the information, I’ll request to take 60mg twice a week.

What do you mean in 40 days reset levels? I’m new to this.

40 days (6 weeks) the test levels and other hormones have leveled out, you want to get labs then to see what adjustments need to be made. Whenever you change something in your protocol again wait 6 weeks to get new labs so everything can level out.

If you test sooner than the recommended 6 weeks between protocol adjustments they are not going to be quite accurate as your body will still be in flux. Therefore making adjustments prior to leveling out will make it difficult to dial in where you feel good.