Endocrinologist in Pacific NW?

Does anyone know a good endocrinologist in the Seattle area? I have been going to a naturopath which is good for the moment but I’d rather find someone who went to medical school and has a broader scope of knowledge. I’ve gone to a couple already who are very against TRT even though my levels were clinically low…

Did you notice the ‘finding a TRT doc’ link that I suggested?

An endocrinologist usually means a long wait then a visit with someone who is on average more ignorant than most other doctors.

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Doctors learn nothing about male hormones and medical school, they just don’t cover it at all. Now you know why this form is so busy.

Bigknowno on YouTube has an smart endo in Seattle, ask him who his doctor’s is, I can look it up when I get home from work.

That’s funny you say that, I just started watching him lately. yeah i think he lives in oregon. He has a naturopath as well i believe.

yeah i did, thanks…i already have a trt doc but I’m weary about staying with a clinic as they charge out of pocket …with that being said, i do really like my naturopath doctor and if I can’t find another i’ll stay with him. I’m gonna also call the compounding pharm i use for HCG tomorrow and see if they have referrals.