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I'm 23 years old, and was diagnosed with Klinefelter's Syndrome. Instead of having the normal XY Chromosome, I have XXY. Anyway, my doctor started me on testosterone cypionate every two weeks, 200 MG. I started doing some research after I started getting symptoms of high estrogen. Such as water retention on foot, nipple sensitivity, aches & pains, headaches.

I called my doctor and he said "You might have a blood-clot, go to the ER".. I went to the ER, and they told me it was water retention, so I called my endo back & he said "well, wait a couple of days & it will go away"

So, what am I supposed to do? Just deal with water retention every time I get a shot.

Just to backtrack. I have been on test for two weeks and three days. My first injection a day later I had water retention, I called him and he said it will go away(The symptoms went away after seven days) After second injection, I call him & he said "Oh, it may be a blod clot"

I called back and asked him if he thinks it's "estrogen" he said "No"...So, WTF, think I need a new doctor. He doesn't seem to think my symptoms are estrogen related..and, the nurse said they never have problems with people having estrogen symptoms.


Yup you need a new doctor.

Read the stickeys to figure out why.

Are you self injecting or is he raping you for the in-office visits as well?


I thought so..lol I have been reading like a mad-man about this.

Self injecting. My aunt is a nurse and gives me the injections.


Then you should inject at least once a week, 2-3 times a week for more stable values...you may find this helps your water retention, but you likely have E2 issues that need to be confirmed or denied with bloodwork and resolved with arimidex.


I know, but I asked my endo if he thought it was estrogen. He said "No", so guess I have to find another doctor in my area. I also asked him if I could changed it to weekly, and he said "no" to that as well. This is so frustrating.


Ask him for a test to confirm or deny the E2...he will probably say no, but can't hurt to ask...agree you still need to find a doctor, but at least if you have confirmed it you can address the need yourself through research chemicals or UGL's until you find a doctor that knows his dick from his elbow...

Your doc said no to more frequent injections, but what's stopping you other than that?


I'm going to call & ask tomorrow. I hate being annoying, but it's my health! I didn't want him to do a blood test and notice that I went behind his back. Just following his recommendations.


I don't follow your logic, how would a blood test let the cat out of the bag that you have been injecting more frequently? Unless he is expecting your levels to be low due to his archaic dosing protocol and they end up actually being normal lol


I have no clue actually. lol...But, I just started learning about this stuff. I didn't know if it would mess anything up. He wanted to do a blood test the day before I injected again, to see where my levels were at, then halfway through the week. I figured if the half-life of the medicine is seven-eight days then he might think I'm injecting more frequently if on the 14th day I'm still high...so, yeah. He wanted to do the bloodtests on Sept 16th(before injection) then on the 23rd I believe...I didn't know if it would skew the results...because he said it will drop lower on the second week.


It WILL drop lower...which is exactly why you want to AVOID that protocol.

But do whatever you think is best man, just know that your doctor does not have your best interests in mind, especially if you are feeling low T symptoms after the first week.


I understand, which is why I'm trying to find a new doctor. I have called ten doctors this morning, and they all say "we don't prescribe an estrogen blocker" So f'n frustrating...Why is it so hard to do it the right way?


Well, seen a new doctor today. I took all of my records in, bloodtests, etc with me. I talked to him. He was looking at my bloodtests & said "where is your estradiol levels?" I was like, he didn't test my estrogen levels. He said "That's stupid." So, does that mean he's more willing to prescribe an inhibitor if the levels get too high? I'm taking a blood test on Monday, then he wants to see me next Thursday. I kind of like this doctor, because he explained the entire process, but its hard for me to get a word in while he's talking. We'll see.

Then, I have another endo I'm going to meet with on September 2nd. Just for a third opinion.


Very weird. My first endo just called me at 7:30 P.M. Odd? I have a hunch, him(endo) and my Primary Doctor are really good friends. I think she might have told him that I was seeking other options, because my primary had to approve the referrals.

Anyway, we had a long discussion on the phone up until 8 PM. He said, what we can do is go with one injection per week. I said "okay, but what if my estrogen is still high"...We started talking about the enzyme aromotase that converts testosterone into estrogen. So, I mentioned an inhibitor...He said "We don't want to use that, that's a cancer drug"...I said "Can we check my estrogen levels?" He said "No, we don't need to"

Think I'm just going to move forward without him. Opinions?


Your doc is ignorant, what more else is there to say? He is incapable of understanding hormones/feedback on the most basic level that people here have absolutely no problem grasping...run and don't look back...


You may have some luck educating your doc, but I doubt it...even if you can, do you really want to have the lead? If so, you might as well just get all your shit illegally from an UGL and go about your way...but it never hurts to help a doc out, I suppose. This link was beneifical:



Or these two:



They also have some good references which may be of value to your clueless doctor...but probably won't


I agree, sir. So, my first endo is out the window. Thanks for your help.. My new doctor, he's an Interist(internal medicine doctor), so, he was talking about estrogen, so that gave me hope, but I'm not holding breath. At least he actually wants to test estrogen levels, he said that was pretty important...so we will see.

Then, I have another appointment on Sept 2nd, with a doctor I found in my area through a local compounding pharmacy, and googled his name, and he was on the news. Gets a lot of patients for TRT...So, hopefully he knows what estrogen symptoms look like. The pharmacist that I talked to, his friend actually goes to this doctor and said he was good. This is not a clinic, real doctor, accepts insurance. His title is an endocrinologist who specializes in Internal Medicine.

I'm keeping my head up, and won't give up!


Healthcare is no different than any other industry in one respect: YOU are the customer. You are buying a service. YOUR DOCTOR WORKS FOR YOU! Just because the provider is the one with the license, doesn't mean you can't do your own research and question him. You bear sole responsibility for managing your own healthcare, because nobody else has a stake in it like you do. That means first educating yourself, as you've begun to do, then finding providers who are willing to work with you. Sometimes reluctant docs can be swayed if you're assertive and present them with good data. If you do this in a sincere and polite way and they simply express reservations, you can probably work with them. If they insult you or blow you off outright, it's probably time to find a new one. They are The Doctor, you are a member of the unwashed masses. Why would you pay someone for a service, only to have them be rude and unprofessional to you? You wouldn't accept that from an auto mechanic or a florist, why do we take it from a physician?


Any luck with the new Dr?


My opinion is that you're a nice, very easy-going guy. I would have told that doctor that I wasn't interested in continuing to be treated by someone who was so ignorant of the treatments he prescribes. Not to mention that in particular he should really know endocrinology, his professed specialty! When I was looking for a physician for my TRT, I too encountered an endocrinologist who said that aromastase inhibitors are only for women with cancer - a shocking degree of ignorance. There are way better doctors out there.