Endocrin Docs in Boston?

Hi all. Oddly, it seems there’s a shortage of Endocrinologists in the Boston area. Appointments are scheduled out 2-3 months or more sometimes. Blood tests by my PCP have shown low levels of T and he started me on Androgel but I would rather a good Endocrin to manage this further. If anyone has any recommendations of any in the Boston area I’d love to hear them. My PCP gave me names of a couple of Endocrins but I have no idea what there experience is with TRT. I’d love to hear what docs people have been to in my area. Thank you so much. This forum has been a great source of info so far and feel so much better just being informed. Still learning everyday. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable posting here feel free to PM me.

have you called around to any local compounding pharmacies and asked for referrals to a good HRT doctor?

very few people here have had success with Endos. They are too much by the book (and by book, I mean treatment plans from 50 years ago and following blood test range advice from 100 years ago) and only treat off lab ranges instead of your actual symptoms/issues. not that I am bitter or anything from my personal experiences or reading dozens of other people’s frustration with their endo.

Thanks PureChance. I only mentioned Endocrin docs because my PCP mentioned and because I didn’t know there are specialty HRT docs out there. I would prefer an HRT specialist of course. I wouldn’t know how to find a compounding pharmacy, the yellowpages? Thanks, I’ll start looking at HRT specialty docs and for compounding pharmacies.

Finding a compounding pharmacy was easy. Seems Maida is a big compounding pharmacy in my area. Thanks.

read the finding a good HRT doctor sticky (it gives good pointers about how to have a positive conversation with your doctor), plus the blood test sticky, plus the injections, etc… you get the idea.

good luck.