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Endo Told My GP about Hematocrit Levels

My GP stopped my TRT until he spoke with an Endo about my high hematocrit. It got as high as 60 the day of my phlebotomy. He stopped me at 52. When he spoke with an Endo he said as long as a guy on TRT had a level of 54 or under they would be fine. Doesn’t that sound high? Also the Endo advised my Doc to put me on a “standing” order once a month to donate. What do you think KS MAN?

Have you been donating every two months? Ever do a double red blood cell donation?

I waited two months in between my first and second donation. I now have a standing order at the lab which means I can go in every month. No I have never done a double red blood cell donation. What does that consist of ?

I did donate twice the amount at my last donation…900ml I believe. It was two bags vs. one as normal…

You have to drain those blood cells off.

Avoid iron in vitamins and fortified foods.

Take mini aspirin to improve blood flow.

Fish oil is a blood thinner.

Do not get dehydrated.

High HTC can damage vascular organs: liver, kidneys and ?brain?

Smoother T levels are best, once a week is too peaky.

I’ve already told my GP that I needed to avoid Iron…so, I’m doing that. I’ve taken baby aspirin for years and I used to take fish oil, so I’ll fire that back up again. Should’ve never stopped!!

But seriously KSman, what do you think of the Endo’s advise to my doctor? Doesn’t 54 seem high to you as being the max to achieve before something is done about it. I understood 45 To 51 to be the range.

yes, 54 seems too high