Endo says I Don't Need TRT, I Want 2nd Opinion

Hi guys, I’m 24 and have been investigating my hormone levels since 2013. I have seen two doctors who referred me to two

specialists (public and private). Both specialists told me that due to my low SHBG levels it means my body requires less

testosterone to perform its functions. One referred to online advice as that from ‘testosterone junies’. I also am certain I don’t

testicular issues, only possibility would be secondary hypogonadism.

I have been suspecting low testosterne symptoms due to:

*Low energy and general feeling of lethargy
*Lack of passion for life (may be a sign of depression however)
*Declining athletic performance (I have not had a ‘personal best’ since 2011)
*Poor sleep
*Declined interest in sexual activity (currently at 1-2 times a month with girlfriend)
*Have been overweight for the past 4 years despite effort to become lean

Signs that I might not need TRT

*Fairly easy to have an maintain an erection
*Still feel strong attraction towards women
*I have quite a lot of body hair
*I can build muscle if I stay consitnent with gym/diet

Anyway, I attached my results, ranges vary but I used the ones from the latest one.

Other results like Vitamin D, Cortisol and hHG seem within range

I would really appreciate any adviec. I’m pursuing anti-depressants for my slowly declining mood and wellbeing over the years but I

would like to consider this as an alternative in case that treatment fails.

I suggested things to consider 09/04/2014 and you just talked about clomid and dropped the ball.

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Unfortunately my endo’s refused to work with me, and getting hcg here (Australia) is virtually impossible. My doctor wouldn’t know what to do with nolvadex either. My only option now is to just accept what’s being offered, 250mg of testosterone enanthate every two weeks, or testosterone undecanoate every 6-8 weeks.

I’m pretty much at the end of my rope, I’m almost 25 now and my last results showed:

Total Test 7.2nmol/L (8.3-30.2)
SHBG 23nmol/L (13-71)
Free test 167pmol/L (225-725)
LH 5 (1-10)
Fsh 3 (1-10)

This ain’t no fucking life, always being tired, out of shape and feeling sick after the gym.

I might not have kids if I have TRT but anything is better than my current situation.

Did you review the above?

@KSman I’ve reread it several times alongside the stickies you linked to try to get a better picture of everything going on here. I also recall I printed your response and showed it to my specialist who didn’t want to consider it.

I MAY be able to convince my GP to let me trial nolvadex before jumping on test shots, what kind of dosage/time-frame would you suggest here? If it raises my LH/FSH levels and T would I need to taper off or stay on it indefinitely?

Please keep in mind getting hcg here is very hard, my specialist told me it’s only prescribed for women. So hcg monotherapy is probably impossible.

I also tried to get a grasp on the thyroid issue but it’s beyond my understanding at the moment. My TSH is between 1-2 which you said is good, only somewhat high-end rT3 but I’m not sure what I can do about that. My body temp seems normal, I need to buy a mouth thermometer for a better reading. I do find it harder to tolerate heat though and sweat a ridiculous amount (even my friends notice it) but this could simply be due to being overweight. I use iodized salt and I take 3-4 drops of nascent iodine a week for a few years.

Your input is highly appreciated here