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Endo in Yorkshire? Need Contact Details

My current endo has refused to offer me any treatment options, despite having a myriad of low T symptoms and having below range calculated free-T. He tells me that free T doesn’t matter(??? what a load of non-sense) and that my SHBG is normal (top of scale). I would like some contact details of a private endo that would be willing to take me seriously and offer me some proper help/advice. I am sick of doctors that are arrogant and not willing to listen!!!

Thanks in advance.


His protocols are dated (things like E14D injections), and the meditation available isn’t the best (gel, sustanon or nebido - no test cyp or enan)

If you’re happy to do your research and self manage your protocol it’s a good way to get a prescription. Since it’s home injections you can drop down to E3.5D and adjust as you feel necessary.