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Endo Denied Prescribing HCG

So got prescribed test e 200mg/mL at a dose of 100mg every 2 weeks. I am self upping this dose to 100mg/wk. I have 3 refills and have next labs in 3 mos.

When I finally got this Rx I asked my Ebro (which is a tool) about hcg I told him I researched it…he laughed and said “I am the dr. You don’t need that and it’s too expensive”. I am on covered California insurance and this is the only endo I can go to! What do I do if I want hcg… I can’t get it prescribed so what can I do? Do I need with this dose of test?

If you self up the dose you are going to run out and your Doc is going to say WTF. You should probably switch to a men’s clinic and pay out of pocket. You are not going to get HCG prescribed by an Endo as its use is off label. Sounds like you need a new doc.

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there are on line sources of HCG. It is not that expensive and you are not using a lot. Hunt down, on line, were the steroid users hang (other than here). You will be able to find a good souse. Quality can be tested with a pregnancy tester. You should test out as pregnant the morning after.

But then another doctor would be better if you can afford it

Try Defy medical via a remote consult. Their HCG is super cheap compared to other men’s clinics. Its about $70 for 10,000iu.