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Endo bulk

Most bulk rotines involve a few core moves and shy away from faster paced routines that are used to burn fat. As an endo what should I do ? Do the core bulk moves like everyone else and ad more cardio? or stick to a faster paced routine and just eat more ?
What routine would you do? Ian Kings bulk phase involves so little activity it would make me explode into the fattest man around.
Any advice? thx.

No training program makes you fat. Your diet does.

true, however an eCto needs to do as little activity as possible to help him gain EITHER fat or muscle (in most cases). This obviously is not true for an eNdo, we gain fat easily. It seems most routine examples have ecto or meso ppl in mind. I would like to know what (if anything) an endo should do different. thx again.

good idea no one really seems to know although i would guess lotsa GPP work would be valuable…

I have also noticed that most cutting articles are for the hard losers and the gaining articles are for the hard gainer. If anyone has an answer to this, or personal experience, please post.

bump to hope someone gives an answer

There’s really no need to make any dramatic changes just because you’re an endo. The heavy weight training is still going to stimulate the most muscle fiber. Simply eat a little less and if anything add in some GPP work, sprints, or cardio to help burn more calories.

You should go to the interview with Bryan Haycock regarding HST and then follow the links and read his articles. There’s a lot of good information there.

Then, learn all you can about glycogen and liver glycogen stores. I’ve recently learned that the best scenario is to NOT have your liver glycogen stores maximized (even - or maybe especially - when bulking). My progress really improved after that. So, I would recommend reading the carbohydrate roundtable. Read previous threads on fructose and milk. They’re right, it’s mostly diet.