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Best History essay.




I like hores.


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Fail at Failing




Real life WIN


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GF, Wife. Same thing. :wink:




"May God have mercy on your soul"









Love this thread.




Once when I was in grade 4 I wrote a story called "Riddalin Boy" (Ritalin), an embellished piece about a kid with ADD who I played tennis with. This kid was an absolute nut job...in retrospect I think he might have been bipolar. The premise of the story was him freaking out over routine situations and his father shooting him with a "Riddalin Gun" to calm him down. At the time I knew Ritalin was a "drug for crazy kids" but had no idea how it was administered. This was back in an era where ADD was relatively new.

I handed it in, and I remember the teacher, who was hot and probably about 27 at the time, laughing in hysterics. Tears were running down her face. I failed to grasp the humour in the story, but she gave me a good mark on it. A day later, the guidance counsellor calls me into his office. He was trying to maintain a serious face but I could tell that he was ready to burst out laughing. He explained about what ADD was and how ritalin was administered.

A friend of my family became a teacher at this school about 10 years later. Apparently my story was posted on the teacher's lounge wall, paper slightly faded with age, with an equally faded sign over it saying "Must Read!".

I forget the exact content of the story but I wish I could get my hands on it today


I just laughed so hard I spit part of my lunch on my monitor. Thanks for that.



greatest essay in the history of mankind