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Endless Forearm Pain


Hello all, I've been on this site for years, first time posting however. Hopefully someone can help me out. I'll keep this as brief as possible, I broke my forearm in 2 places about 5 years ago, not positive but I believe the radial part of the bone. I developed tendinitis shortly afterwards. It would usually act up from time to time during the night for the most part, the pain was terrible but I would take a couple aspirin throw my arm under hot water and be back to sleep within a half hour.

Now, starting on Friday the pain showed up during the day time (never happened before) and it never left, its 24/7 deep debilitating throbbing pain (i'm out of work right now)along with tightness, swelling and loss of mobility. I went to the ER, they just gave prescription motrin. The pain continued so the next day, Sunday, I went to a clinic and they gave me mobic, another anti inflammatory. this hadn't worked either.

Since then I had blood work done, an x-ray and an mri all of which show nothing. I've seen my regular orthopedist and he is completely baffled, they ruled out infection and he prescribed me diclofenac and percocet. And i'm scheduled to see him next week, but in the mean time the pain has not subsided and tightness and swelling have remained.

No trauma or anything to the area, this has occurred seemingly at random, my diet is as clean as it gets, no bread or dairy, just protein, veges, eggs etc. taking some vitamins and protein powders and currently doing 5/3/1.

My question would be if anyone here had a similar experience, is there something the doctors I've seen are possibly overlooking, the pain is quite menacing and I haven't been able to sleep or pretty much do anything for that matter, any help would be much appreciated. I apologize in advance if I left out any helpful information.


Ive had medial forearm pain around the pronators for almost 3 year, but i got over it by using a thumbless grip for rowing and curling movements. and by strengthening as well as loosening and stretching my forearm muscles on the palm side. this worked for me. i feel sorry for you about the broken forearm. i have knee arthritis and let me tell you that sucks the big one. but it takes time.

if you are pro at some sort of sport this must suck. but with most of us here we do not compete. its great to take time off to reavaluate your life and your training and how the two fit together. i wish only the best for you. try to stay strong ment


thanks man, nah just a gym rat, no sports. my issue however is not with lifting, i never had any pain lifting. its just a sudden inflammation of the tendons which inst reacting to medication. And the pain is constant, i haven't slept in days. Anyone with a similar problen?


actually my doctor just found a growth on the bone, he wants to run some more tests but he says its either and infection or tumor, i would really like to hear other peoples experiences with this type of diagnosis


i wish you luck with that.


did the pain started after a day of heavy lifting?
if thats the case try some rehab.
eg active recovery, isometric training, supplement with cissus