Ending TRT - Starting PCT to Kick Start Testes

Hi All,
Im getting off TRT as need fertility to have a baby.

Need something to kickstart the balls, literally no ejaculate and balls ache a bit now.
Been advised HCG 500iu every 2/3 days… :+1:t4:
Really thinking to couple it with nolvadex/tamoxifen 20mg per day rather than clomid? (due to the side effects and visual issues with it).

I used to smoke 15 cigarettes a day and a ton of marijuana/cannabis. However managed to cut the cigarettes to 5 a day, and just 1 joint of cannabis per night (cant seem to cut this out as major sleep/anxiety issues).

Would this be ok with HCG protocol above and nolvadex? Or is clomid a better choice? Worried about side effects!

Please let us know lads cheers

Search ‘fertility protocol’. You don’t need to come off TRT.

Its causing me major side effects at moment, plus because of smoking issue, worried about blood clots so made decision to come off injections/TRT for now and will either go back on with something that doesnt raise hemocrit/haemoglobin as much, or see if PCT keeps adequate levels so no need to do so.

I know PCT is usually HCG 500 iu x 2/3 per week… is this for two weeks without adding any nolva/clomid, then after 2 wks start the nolva clomid etc?

Yes you need to run the HCG while the Testosterone is clearing the body. If you were on Test C, you probably need to wait three weeks minimum.

Thanks i’m on Sustanon 250. Would two weeks from injection be enough.
And then start nolva? 20 mg for 4/6 weeks?

Sus has T Decanoate in it which has a half life of 15 days. You will need to wait at least a 1-1.5 months for clearance to start PCT.

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Is this wait 1-1.5 months after Sust injection to start HCG or just the nolva you mean? As was advised can juat start HCG when stop TRT?

Just the Nolva. You start the HCG right away.

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I’m just waiting for my HCG guys, which will be next week, is it best to order clomid, enclomiphene or nolvadex to go with after that?

It’s been 2 x weeks since last Sust 250 injection so starting to feel the sweats/withdrawals off the test now.
Is there something i can do for this? Till my HCG arrives at all?
Can start on Zinc, magnesium, fish oil, vit C etc? Any ideas?

The clomid may not overcome the exogenous T, however the hCG will get the testicles functioning.

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Ok, would you say nolva is a better choice? Supposed to be less sides too? Or enclomiphene?

So if i start HCG next week at 500 iu x 2/3 times per week, (im thinking of doing 1000 iu for 1st shot just to kickstart it etc then 500 iu.

How long should i be doing this before stopping this and starting/adding nolva? (I stop HCG soon as add nolva don’t i?)

Then nolva 20 mg for 4 weeks?

No way to know. They all work but individual differences are in play here. I had a patient earlier this week who got his wife pregnant 4 weeks after starting hCG, while still taking testosterone. That has to be the record in my practice, usually it is 2-6 months.

Some like clomid, some enclomiphene. Some do well with hCG mono, but usually at a higher dose, 3000IU weekly. Good luck.

Wow that is fast 4 weeks

HCG monotherapy, does the mono mean by itself? If so, yes 3000iu weekly is this done by 1000iu x 3 in the week? Such as MWF? I was thinking 500iu x 3 per week, would that not be enough? Or does it need to be a higher dose? Was thinking do this for 2/3 weeks?

Heard nolvadex is good and without too many side effects, which seems to be the issue with clomid? Would nolva be ok and what dose would you recommend and duration? Would tapering be a good method or not really required please?

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How do i know when testicles are firing again? And to stop HCG and start nolva please?

Ive also heard its best to do 1500iu x 3 per week as people are not successful with restart if do too low, or not for long enough? Is it best to give a few large shots and that drop to 500iu x 3 a week?

Yes, by itself, 1000IU 3x a week. 500IU 3x a week usually works, but you are off testosterone so you may want the higher dose of hCG to make up for that. I would do this until pregnant. For fertility, I would favor clomid over tamoxifen. However, you should be fine with hCG alone.

I would listen to your doctor, as TRT docs deal with this often, or if you would be more comfortable with a fertility specialist, go that route.

Hi @highpull

Surely this patient was already fertile (at least to some degree) correct? Given the time sperm require to be produced and mature

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Cheers, id love to wait for a dr/endo but unfortunately thats a long wait away as im on a list, and coming off TRT now due to issues explained, so needing hcg from next week really? ill opt for 1000iu x 3 times per week and then drop to 500 iu x 3 per week for 2/3 weeks?

How do i know if testicles are kicking in again though? If they do, then dont need nolva after hcg is that correct? And then if not, ill add nolva as heard clomid has some nasty s/e :+1:t4:

You would think so. I don’t know what to think. He had been on TRT for almost two years and trying to conceive for three months, unknown to me. Would have been plenty suppressed. I’ve seen guys get someone pregnant while on testosterone, so maybe he is one of those. Yet, three months of nothing and maybe, likely, the hCG is coincidental. I don’t know what they were using for birth control.

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Totally agree, I was a little obsessed when stopping my Sustanon to regain fertility, so purchased an expensive scientific microscope to measure my own fertility recovering

Funny thing was despite being diagnosed with azoospermia while on the sustanon, after only a few weeks of discontinuing my testosterone I had a couple of fully matured healthy sperm

Several weeks later again I could clearly see high numbers of non matured sperm

To me at least this would show despite being diagnosed azoospermia, I did in fact have a very small amount of fully matured sperm while on TRT, and as they say it only takes one

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Can anyone provide clarification on above at all pls?