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Ending Test E cycle early, Anavar with nolva for PCT?


I was running a Test E 500/ew for 12 weeks cycle.

I decided to stop the cycle 8 weeks in because of an infection, gear got dirty, almost had to remove part of ass.

I have Anavar on hand and Nolva, I know PCT should start two weeks after your last shot. Can I start Var right now, run it for 4 weeks lower dose 20-30mg a day, these two weeks and two weeks into pct. I know its a little suppressive but I also have HCG.

do you think it would work??

stats: 5'9 200 lbs 10% bf


I can't answer your question, but wanted to know how your gear 'got dirty' ?
How does this happen? :confused:


Either it is dirty from the beginning, or you make it dirty by drawing with the same needle in different occassions or if you don't swipe with alcohol the top of the vial or if your syringes are dirty in the first place or if you leave a syringe in the vial so you don't have to poke it everytime.


I see, Thank you for the explanation!


So how did the gear get dirty ??


so i ran out of alcohol and alcohol swabs, i found a cleansing wipe in a first aid kit that said it had 40% alcohol in it, i used that so i'm guessing it just didn't didnt do the job. I had to get my second antibiotic injection this aternoon:(...on another note do you have an M5?? I bought a 2002 E39 a couple years ago, love it.


And you couldn't drive to the store and buy more?


it was like 3am, I know I should have just waited til the next day


Next time don't use alcohol at all.


Damn I forgot to wipe the top once, made me nervous but it worked out luckily.

Whats the difference between a BMW and a cactus?
Cactus has the pricks on the outside.


I laughed really hard.