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Ending Prohormone Cycle, PCT?


I am at the end of my first cycle of prohormones (Rage 5 and now Rage 4).I have about two weeks left of Rage 4. Should I start taking Rage 1 PCT now while still on rage 4, or should I wait until all the Rage 4 is taken.



I've heard these new fangled Prohormones are all the Rage...

What's up everyone? Have I missed anything good?


LOL. How's that summer going, Bonez?


Not bad at all.

Just got back from Europe a few hours ago. Just trying to kill some time and stay awake for a bit longer to avoid the jet lag.

Having some steak, shrimp, sweet potatoes and broccoli now. Lost about 12 pounds in 2 weeks (not all muscle, thank goodness). Going to work my way back up to 180ish before the next cycle.


Hey, that's not too shabby. Pretty good meal, too.