Ending First Cycle Soon. What PCT?

Dear Brothers ,

I start My 1st Cycle 06th of Feb 2019 and going to end it 03.June 2019. I have used below gears

week 01- week 05 ( sus 250+EQ+Primbolone ) 2ml per each week each gear
week -05- week 10 (sus 250+ Primbolone )2ml per each week each gear
Week 10-week 15 - ( Test E 250 + Deca + Dinabol Tablet ) Test e + Deca - 2 Ml per week ) dinabol 40 mg per day x25 days )

Please suggest me good and perfect PCT therapy.
Thank you so much.

Based on what you just did I would say that no amount of advice is going to help you. You either didn’t do any research before starting your cycle or you chose to ignore the information out there. Either way it’s not worth the time to help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves a little bit first. Good luck to you.


I agree with iron. There mountains of information on PCT online and you either didn’t even bother looking or more likely you completely ignored it. Your PCT should be something you have ready and decided on before you even start a cycle so you only have yourself to blame.

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Good luck.

I want to know how you justify starting a cycle without having or knowing what your pct is going to be?

What’s the thought process you used?

Guys do you not remember when he asked advice before he began? I guess it’s possible another guy speaking English as a second language ran the exact same compounds and measured dosage in ML rather than MGs but what are the chances. He obviously read our responses because he is still measuring dosage in ML.

We already tried to assist this guy but since I am in such a zen mood I will respond.

First with EQ there can be some anxiety issues. Also with the mix you took I bet there will be a period of limp penis you have to deal with. That’s called Deca dick but I don’t know if your limp dick will be 100% from the deca. That limp dick is from a combination of the anxiety, estrogen and low testosterone after the cycle. Now for PCT there is no reason to bother trying to get anything this late in the game. It simply won’t make it to you in time so be a man. You were man enough to make a choice then disregard all the advice saying you were setting yourself up. I say KUDOS to you!

As far as then shrunken limp penis which is going to be very similar to Deca dick just do what the real men in those old western movies did to their wounds; just rub some dirt on it and get back on the horse. Your only other option is to inflate it from the backside. You need one of those rubber fists, (the larger and more defined the knuckles are the better this works ) bend over with your head between your knees then rectally insert the rubber fist about 8-9 inches and rotate 360 degrees in a counter clockwise rotation for up to 47 times but not less than 42 times keeping a mean rotation speed of 1 and 1/3 rotations per second. And don’t forget to vary the insertion depth by 4-5 inches every other rotation.
It might be easiest for you to mount the rubber fist on an electric drill for the rotation (remember to set it for a counter clockwise rotation unless you are in the southern hemisphere then it’s clockwise) then affix it to a door frame at the appropriate height then for the depth variation you can gently rock on your heels, remember your head needs to be between your knees when all of this is happening.

And don’t tell anyone about the re-inflate method. It’s an old trick that all the real pros use to deal with shrunken Deca penis. Seriously I am only sharing this with you because you seem like a stand up dude. Supposedly this method dates back to gym and fitness explosion that happened right after Pumping Iron brought body building into the main stream.