Ending Blast/Cruise. PCT Discussion

Roughly 10weeks out from finishing what would be an 8-9 month blast and cruise session…

Curious as to what would be an appropriate PCT for this length of cycle.

I Have quite a bit of HCG, Aromasin, Nolvadex and Clomid on hand…

15,000iu HCG

2000mg Nolvadex

5000mg Clomid

787.5mg Aromasin

Can get more of any or all if necessary.

Remaining cycles is as follows:

4weeks 500mg/wk Test-E (12.5mg Aromasin EOD)

2weeks 375mg/wk Test-E (12.5mg Aromasin EOD - E3D)

2 Weeks 250mg/wk Test-E (10mg Aromasin EOD - E3D)

2 Weeks 150mg/wk Test-E (10mg Aromasin EOD-E3D)

Now here comes the debate:

Do I start running HCG now throughout the remainder of cycle at 250-500IU until completion and add a 10-14 day HCG Blast at the end as well?


Hold off on all HCG usage until the end and commit to a hefty 14-21 day HCG blast?

During HCG blast I have read to use low dosage of Nolva or Aromasin… What are peoples opinion here on that matter?

Regarding the start of HCG Blast - what are most peoples opinions on when to start? 7 days after last pin? 14 days? sooner than 7 days? There is quite a bit of ambiguity on this topic it would appear.

Lastly after the completion of HCG blast what should serm therapy look like?

Any thoughts on the regimen that follows?

Nolvadex: wk 1-3 40mg/day, wk 4-5 20mg/day, wk6 20mg or 10mg/day

Clomid: wk 1-3 100mg/day, wk 4-6 50mg/day

All opinions welcome!

Honestly, I don’t know why guys aren’t running hcg during their entire cycle, especially the BnC crowd. In therapeutic doses it keeps your testes functioning properly, which I think we can all agree is a good thing. I don’t like the idea of running huge amounts of it, mostly because of the e2 issues that such a dosing protocol can present.

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