Ending a Mag10 cycle?

if i take my last dose of Mag10 during the middle of the day Friday, should i start taking Tribex and M on saturday morning or wait until sunday or monday. i know that Bill said the half life was probably longer than he had originally thought given that most people kept on gaining weight a few days after stopping Mag10. if there is still an androgen in your system 24 hours later, wouldn’t taking the M and Tribex be pointless because your body still won’t want to up natural T production with the androgen present? also, how should i eat? should i keep calories up the first couple days after my last dose or should i back off a bit? Thanks

PS. I went from 165 to 183.5 in 11 days. hopefully i will be 185 by the time its over, but i guess my measurement of dosages were off because i only have enough mag10 to last me through tomorrow, whereas i had planned on going through saturay. either way, 15 pounds of muscle ain’t too bad. :slight_smile:

Gradually decrease calories by 300 or so a day until you reach your maintainance level. You should be reduced to 1.35g/lb of LBM, fat increased to ~30-35% of total calories, and carbs will be the rest.

The best way to maintain gains through training would be to embark on a 5x5 training cycle on your off weeks. Bill Roberts recommended training with at least 80% of your 1RM, and 5x5 is a great way to go about doing that.

just bringing this back up for more info. Thanks

In response to your question about tribex and M. I would wait until 24 hours after your last mag-10 dose to take these products. Joel’s diet and training advice sounds good to me.

I agree, 24 hours after the last MAG-10 dose is a good time to start taking recovery agents. Sure, maybe it would be as good to
wait till the day after that, since androgen
levels are still elevated only 24 hours afterwards, but maybe it would not be quite as good to wait – there could be significant benefit already at the 24 hour point – and it is not as if saving the cost of one day of supplements is going to make much difference.

Only if it were a situation where someone
had only an exact amount, say 14 days worth,
and could obtain no more, would I say that then it would be better to wait a few days before starting. Other than that, I’d start
next day.