Ending 2nd Cycle. PCT or Blast and Cruise?

Hi guys !

I must say it feels great I’ve finally Signed up as I’m serious about my body and health and I’d just like to get my questions answered by exsperts

So I’m 6ft /13.5stone / around 20%bf /26years old

I’m two weeks out of finishing my second Ever cycle

My first was at 24 just a test e 1ml a week for 12 weeks which went well I felt . I then did pct with hcg /nova /clomid and kept some gains

I’m now on My second at 26 - I’m taking 2ml a week of t400 so 800mg/week And I was taking some dbol for the first four weeks

I’m now at week 10 and this quarantine / lockdown has hit England !

I have been trying my best to keep eating and home workout , we have even made a make shift gym at work !

Cutting the story short I want to know what’s best for my future goals , which are continue to train when the gyms back open eat healthy carb / fat / protein and push myself day by day to keep gaining muscle and minimal fat. Obviously I’d like to be big that’s why I take gear right !:joy:

So do I pct then come back on In 4 months say or does anyone know about the blast and cruise way , I’ve read up on so many ways it’s now confusing me what option to take . I don’t want to come off I feel great haha !

I know how to pct ( I think )

I’m new to the blast and cruise-

Do I come off wait two weeks and then use hgc to bring my balls back up and a Serm just in case ? Apparently you do this for four weeks and go back blast - I read this is a safer way but to me why bring the balls back up to treat them like crap again haha or is this just to purely help my body

Or do come off the t400 in two weeks and go onto test e for two weeks at a low dose say 200mg Every 7 days ? —then I’d like to blast with test e/Tren ace / nap 50 / decca ( that’s what I’d like to do next )

If I’m being an idiot say but I feel my size is coming along And I don’t want to loose it . I was 12.6 stone

Blasting and cruising is great if you are okay with being on test the rest of your life. If not PCT.

I would start using HCG as soon as you are done with the cycle. Run it for 3-4 weeks, then stop for a day or two and start your PCT of nolva or clomid.

IMO, Tren and Deca should be used if you are fairly advanced (for sure competing) as the side effects are pretty harsh compared to other compounds.

Kind of young to be on Test the rest of your life.

So you mean pct basically don’t blast and cruise, thanks mate :pray:, how long until I can go back on though , this is the thing I do t want to come off to bring my body back to its norm to throw it about again hense the question of blasting.

I thought maybe hcg for 3-4 weeks and go back on just to keep by nads up to scratch but then I might aswell pct with that I guess

I blast and cruise. Started on TRT, so I already was going to be on for life, and the decision was far easier than had I had good test levels. It is a better choice for some and worse for others. For you PCT sounds like a smart choice.

It is generally advised to be off as long as on.

This is better than perma blasting, but not ideal. If it is me and this is what I was going to do, I would just run the HCG during a longer blast.

Thanks for this pal appreciate it

So are you saying to keep on cycle for longer and use hcg ? I am aware of this as I was going to go 16 on my first and hcg from week 14-16 to assist on coming back up natural , do you mean something like this or blast for longer

What I am saying is that taking 4 weeks off is not enough to really get your HTPA going. Since you are taking 800 mg/wk, and the half life of Test E and C are about a week, at one week after your last pin, it would be like you shot 400 mg, at 2 weeks it would be like 200, at 3 weeks about 100 mg (this is close to natural levels), and 4 weeks at about 50 mg (probably a bit lower than natty production).

Your HTPA isn’t going to want to come back until you are lower than your natural level, which is 4 weeks. You could take HCG for those weeks and get your balls going, but your pituitary is not going to be doing much.

Since you are not going to get your HTPA back in 4 weeks, it makes some sense to just use HCG throughout (if it is either 4 weeks off and then back on, or just do a double length cycle with HCG, which are not your only options). I still think unless you want to be on TRT, doing a PCT makes the most sense. I also think you should say off for as long as you were on (unless you are going TRT route).

Think about TRT carefully. It is not something to jump right into. I thought about it for about a year before doing it.

At 26 I say PCT and just be free to run one good cycle a year for a little while longer. Being tied to the needle for life is fine, but it’s a big undertaking and it should be done as either a last resort or because you’re fully into the lifestyle. At 26 you’re not either of those things. Enjoy your natural testosterone while you can.


I have been thinking about this ( it’s all that on my mind ) and I think I am going to commit to a longer cycle and pct off , in a way I’m gutted because I don’t want to loose what I’ve worked hard for home workout at the moment as most so I have worked even harder in my opinion than going the gym to keep a Lean bulk on.

I was thinking maybe 16 weeks but I don’t know anyone who’s been on longer than 20 weeks? Is that possible then.

What would be you opinion on keeping on and what steps to come off and pct hopefully keeping some if not most gains.

Also what are your stats now your on trt to before and how do you feel now you took that path… do you regret it or live a happy healthy life :+1:t2:

I know most things about steroids , but the 12 week jack and pct off standard.

I read obviously but to get knowledge fro. Someone who’s been there done it is perfect thanks again

You’re being an idiot.

Nah just kidding, but I would say that at you might benefit from more time learning about training and nutrition: you don’t mention it in your original post but given that your 20% bf and only 187lbs after two cycles (so gained 13lb over 22 weeks on cycle), at 6 ft, it seems likely you either jumped on gear very early, in which case you’ll be lacking the knowledge and experience and once gains slow you’ll turn to more drugs and higher doses (raising the risks significantly) or you’ve been training a while and don’t really have the knowledge or skills to get passed 174lbs naturally.

Either way I’d say the smart thing to do would be PCT get your diet in check and focus on training naturally for a couple of years then once you’ve got the foundation of skills and experience you’ll make much better use of the drugs when you want to go again.

It’s all your choice at the end of the day though, just try and minimise harm, make sure you get the basics done blood work, check BP and HR and don’t go crazy on substances or dosages. Stay safe!

Hi Alex

Yes I was stupid jumping on so early but I done a lot of reading etc into it while doing my first cycle , when I come off A lot changed I now have a son to look after etc so I lost a lot of size as I skipped the gym for many months

I diddnt gain weight I just got more fat in the tummy region. I find carbs serve me well aslong as I’m not crazy on them and I think I went wrong there.

This time again only doing test and being sensible in my thoughts to but no one at harm or risk in the family with swings etc as I’m also a manager at work I need to keep my cool so I don’t want to go high doses on loads of gear being young ishhh .

I am going to pct off ( looking on the right way to go with this as thinking about sticking on cycle for longer currently researching more )

Then maybe come back on next year for the summer again hitting it better and no quarantine and more knowledge

I do struggle to gain weight you are right and I do think I’m doing something wrong sometimes as I exspect more gains but like you say ok knowledge is key :closed_lock_with_key:

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Good man, go for longevity, you’ll make less short term gains and need more patience but you’ll win in the long term, from a health and gains point of view. The old adage about get big and strong is always worth remembering: it’s a marathon not a sprint. Particularly important when you’ve got kids and people relying on you!

I had never cycled when I got on trt. It was due to bring pretty low, with many of the symptoms. I’m 32. IMO, I was pretty young for trt at 31. I still feel it was a good decision (thought about it for about a year). I still question the decision occasionally. Trt is not convenient, and it doesn’t solve all your problems. Sometimes forums like this and YouTube make it seem to be a panacea.

Before trt, body composition was worse. I was about 220 lbs at 5’10" and 25 percent body fat. I was fairly strong, squat, bench and deadlift 475, 330, and 500. My body composition has improved and I weigh about 212 at 18 percent body fat. My current lifts are 510, 365 and 565.

My recommendation is to think about stuff like this for longer than you think. Don’t just jump in. Think about what you will think about your decision when you are 30-40 years older.

Yup this exactly, I got on TRT 2.5 years ago at 31, good decision but like you say not a panacea. Still haven’t cycled yet!

Decisions like this need to be viewed on the long term, which is always difficult when the results are seen in the short term and the consequences usually aren’t (which means we tend to dismiss or underplay the more serious consequences and will may have even forgotten about our actions by the time they crop up - but how often do you hear young BBers who’ve died from years of massive blasts and someone always wants to say, must be genetic conditions…)

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Yes agreed it’s a big one to think about and not regret when older.

I will pct after 22 weeks.

As I’m on t400 800mg a week

I’ll go another 10 weeks (currently coming to week 12 )

After my last pin I will hcg ( only got 10000iu so thinking 200 iu eod for two weeks or there and abouts to assist my nads

after two weeks using nolva/ clomid 40/40/20/20/20

Seems not currently on hand but never had any issues as of yet

Guys thanks man :pray:

If it is me, I would wait longer than 2 weeks for pct. Your test is some sort of test c and e combo right? If so, the half life is about a week. So your levels will be similar to this:

1 week after pin: 400mg
2 weeks: 200mg
3 weeks: 100 mg
4 weeks: 50 mg

The body will be hesitant to restart it your test levels are not below natural levels. 100 mg would be about natural levels for many. I would wait 4 weeks to ensure below natural levels.

I wouldn’t use HCG during nolva as it is suppressive in a secondary sense. I would use HCG until 2 days before nolva as it has a short half life. I would go with closer to 500iu EOD. As it should be more effective in that range and not close to the diminishing returns area. I have heard BBers using like 5000iu EOD, but I don’t think that makes scientific sense, and has risk of desensitizing your balls.

Yes agreed , I wouldn’t use nolva or clomid until after 2 weeks on hcg ( maybe upping the dose to 500iu eod )


22 weeks 800mg/ week t400

Week 26 ( 4 weeks off test )

Hcg 500iu eod for two weeks

After that nolva clomid 40/40/20/20

Then I think I will stay off until January next year and maybe hit another bulk

What’s your opinion on cutting after cycle ? I know mass / water etc is going to be lost so I may even look leaner but I’d like to drop fat for the summer worried about losing most gains if any ( going to be slow I know as gyms are closed here atm )

I am not to fat I have attached a pic so you see we’re in at ( I think it’s good to see peoples progress ) :+1:t2:

So I would start the HCG right after you are done with the test cycle (no need to wait 4 weeks). HCG will still work on your balls with high exogenous test levels. Stop taking the HCG 2-3 days before your nolva PCT. HCG has a short half life so you can run it almost until you PCT. Run you PCT when you were planning on starting HCG (since you will have already been running HCG for 4 weeks).

I would try to keep weight up for at least a couple months. You want your body to get adjusted to it’s new set point.

What’s your opinion on clomid, reading up now I don’t see a use for it for pct thing the hcg and the nolva after are what I will use maybe use the clen to cut one day if in date

I have never taken clomid. Many experienced members here seem to like nolva for PCT over clomid, or combo of both.