Ending 1st Cycle, Planning 2nd

I’m 6’0” 220 lbs, Will be 36 this summer, lifting for last 10 years, lifting-related labrum tear in 2011, fractured L4 disc last year. I have and always had super high libido My whole life. Currently in week six of first cycle

started first cycle in mid March,
Week 1-2 50 mg test prop/day, 50 mg winstrol
Week 3-10 150 mg test prop eod
Week 11-15 nolvadex 40, 40, 20, 20
Week 16 nothing

Currently finishing week 6. So far have Made great physical gains, almost like my body needed test to break my years-long physique plateau. 15 lbs gained, 4% bf reduction. Strong lifts. Been lifting big, sleeping big and eating big (and relatively clean) the whole time.

Planning 2nd cycle:
I am currently in possession a whole bunch of test prop 100/ml and of 4 bottles mast prop 100/ml. My plan is to run a 12 week on, 4 week post cycle.

I have plenty of time to order more supplies (maybe more mast?).

I’m planning on : Weeks 1-12 150 mg test prop eod, 100 mg mast prop eod mixed.

I also want to add something for bulking. I’m looking at EQ or d-bol. I’m hesitant about deca as I love my dick and my libido lmao.

1- nolvadex or clomid after this first cycle, or both?
2- Should I mix the mast and test or just do separate pins?
3- is that enough mast?
4- EQ or dbol for bulking?

Please critique, suggest, recommend away.

  1. Nolva alone should be fine
  2. You can mix them in the same barrel before you pin
  3. Depends; you’ll find out once you’re on it
  4. EQ needs longer than 12 weeks, so probably not ideal for you; dbol is great for instant size and strength, just don’t go too high or else you’ll feel like a buffalo

Dbol how many weeks? How much? Where in cycle? Tudca after?

Guys run it at the beginning of a cycle, but if you’re going to use prop then that’s not necessary. As for how much and how long, that’s up to you. Want instant strength and tons of water goodness (and badness)? Go hard with 50mg. Want steady gains, manageable e2, very little bloat, and an overall boost? 20-30mg will do. Lots of guys run it at 50mg, blow up, then lose everything three weeks after they stop taking it. I’m not into that. You might be. Depends on your goals. Those four weeks of bloat also mean four weeks of huge strength increases, which means lifting heavier, which means opportunity for more actual muscle growth. It’s all about how you want to use it and what you goals are. It’s also dependent on how you respond to it. Some guys get high BP right off the bat. Some get zero sides. You never know until you’re into it.

I’m curious as to what your body fat is right now. Not what your bathroom scale says but have you gotten a recent dex or bod pod scan?

The reason I ask is because you said you want bulk. So I’m guessing you are below 10%?

I have never done any kind of scan (not even sure where to do that) however i have been monitoring my body fat for years using both an electrode wifi scale and tape measurements and i am around 15% right now.

Bulking on my 2nd because for my 3rd cycle i want to cut hardcore and want to have enough mass FOR that cycle to be as fruitful as possible.

This is kinda what I thought.

Now I’m just gonna give you my opinion take it however you want.

Im 6 foot 228 at 14% body fat right now so if your accurate in your 15% then you should have some pretty damn decent size because I’m far from little.

My advice would be to run a cut cycle and get down to 10% BF then run a bulk cycle you will appreciate it much more. I think it’s much easier to bulk at a lower body fat for a couple reasons. 1) you notice the gains much more 2)you have much more lee way with your diet which I think makes bulking not only easier but much more enjoyable.

This method is risky. I have one of these super Expensive scales that uses electrical currents and it has my body fat way off. Google bod pod body fat scan or sex scan and there should be locations near you

Yes, I am not small at all. What you’re saying makes sense. I think i will switch the cycles around especially since i will have a lot of free time this summer during next cycle (so i can do more cardio, 2-a-days etc.) If i were to do a cut cycle next, would 150 Test P EOD, 100 Mast P EOD, plus 50 winny ED last 6 weeks be ok? Should I add anything? this would be my first cut cycle and 2nd overall.

just looked at body scans, places want $150+ for dexa scan. I think ill wait on that, i will be funding next cycle as well as doing a full bloods beforehand and investing in quality food throughout. Maybe ill do a scan at the very end?

I think the doses of everything you have listed are fine. I personally think prop esters should be pinned every day but EOD is completely acceptable.

Look up bod pod scans they should be 70$ or less and very accurate. I think a scan at the end is best.

OK so Im at week 9. the plan was to go 10 weeks, PCT and start with testP/MastP.
However, im feeling great, looking great, sleep is great and diet is dialed in and my bodyfat has dropped visually right now.

Should i Abort original plan and go to 16 and START mast P 100 EOD now? (so i would run MAST the last 7 weeks)

I have Aromasin, Nolva, and clomid in my locker

I’m not sure I understand the question.

If your asking should you continue the cycle and add in mast for another 6 weeks I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t.

If I misunderstood the question plz explain I bit more and refresh my memory

you got it!
Thats exactly what is was asking

Then absolutely go for it. I think 16 and even 20 week cycles are fine with the compounds your using especially with the goal you are aiming for.

apprehensive as it is my 1st cycle