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Ender's Training Log

Hey all. I’m starting this log to track my bodybuilding gains. I don’t ever want to compete, but i do want to look good naked and since my wife and I got into the lifestyle (swingers), other people will be seeing us naked a lot.

I was a soft squishy bitch until 33. Never lifted consistently. A few 3-6 month spurts between girlfriends but never saw gains and got discouraged quickly. A switch flipped in me and i started going 5-6 times/week consistently at 33 but for 3 years, saw maybe 4-5lbs of gains due to hypogonadism (299 starting T levels). As soon as i went on TRT, my body started recomping, i got the newbie gains that never came before and i leaned out. I’ve been on decent TRT protocols for nearly 3 years, and aside from my recent bout of deca dick and getting some gyno (then removed), its been an awesome experience.

Just switched to my current protocol of 200mg of test cypionate/week - daily injections
HCG - 75 IU’s daily injections - i get testicle pain when i’m not on hcg
25mg of proviron daily until it runs out and hopefully clears out my deca dick symptoms. (just stopped deca the other day)

Here’s where i started, and then me in February. i was 187 in feb, ive cut a bit since then and now back at maintenance

Here’s a pic from today - post chest/tri day with a pump

Current stats:
age 38
6’ tall
bf - unsure

Current lifts:
Flat bench - 265lb 1RM
Squat - 315 1RM

I’m not focusing on the lift numbers, but more aesthetics.

Current Routine:
Push, Pull Legs, but i hit abs every other day now
I pick 10-15 or so workouts for each bodypart and pick 4-5 each day to try change it up.
Instead of lifting heavy and till failure most days, i’m trying to go lighter more hypertrophy type sets so its easier on my joints/ligaments.

I don’t ever want to be giant. I’m terrified of fucking with my hormones and causing ED issues anymore than i have already, so my long term plan is to dial in my T protocol and see where i feel really good and then just leave it the fuck alone. My bodybuilding goals is maybe to get to 200 lbs of pure muscle and then just maintain. No bulking and cutting. My diets been on point for years. I cut out sweets, cake, cookies etc. and have insane discipline with that. If it doesn’t work towards my daily protein goals, i won’t eat it. My only struggle is stopping the weekday whiskey drinks. I may be a borderline functioning alcoholic. I rarely get drunk, but boy i love an after work nightcap.

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Tew cwestchuns

Won: what’s this lol


How tall is you?

6’ even. Lifestyle means we’re swingers :wink:

Damn. Really hoping you were like 5 foot 6.
Swinging sounds super fun but I know for 1000% fact I don’t have the mental requirements to do it, so more power to you for getting some extra poon