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Ender's AV Request Thread

Okay, I haven’t done any AVs in a while, use to do them on a Street Fighter forum. I’ll be stuck at my dad’s house tomorrow with nothing to do and no gym so why not.


  • Must wear the AV for 30 days to be respectful.
  • I don’t work with Videos but I can do animated gif’s.
  • You supply the base photo and any text you may want on it and any other details like if you have a particular color in mind or want your name on it.
  • I’ve tried making transparent background avatars and unfortunately the site doesn’t allow them so all avs are going to be rectangular in shape. (The way to make a circle AV is to make a circle on a transparent background and save it a special way which I’ve not been able to get TNation to work with)
  • Size restrictions aren’t really stated for these forums so I’m going to keep them around 130x200 unless a mod says otherwise.

For now I’ll try to do 5 Avatar Requests and depending on how long it takes me and how many people want I’ll add a few more. First come first serve.

I’m not doing anything but avatars, maybe some other time I’ll do some wallpapers and shit.

So, when you say can’t do video does that mean you can’t take this video:

and make a section of it loop in a gif?

Nope sorry don’t have the required software to work with videos. Can only do from stills.

I’m pretty sure you can just Snagit a selection of the website (the gray part) and just use your dropper tool. Even paint has a dropper tool.

Then make the background the color of the website background and the avatar can be whatever shape you want it to be.

Nope something in the TMuscle coding automatically changes the gray to be a different color. I tried it when transparency didn’t work.

well crap in a hat.

[quote]Enders Drift wrote:
Nope sorry don’t have the required software to work with videos. Can only do from stills.[/quote]

Weak sauce