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Ended Cycle, Curious about Current Levels

Just went to a lab to get tested, and feel very uncomfortable about what they are going to say about where my levels are. I took my last shot on 10/10, it was a reduced dose, as I tapered my shots as I came off. I was on a cycle for 12 weeks, each week I did 500mg and I did 250 a week for the last two weeks. I used Test Cyp, and it looked watery compared to one other cycle that I did, which was very oily/thick (not sure if that’s pertinent, but there it is).

Looking to hear what a lab, that does specialize in TRT, might say to someone with high test. Do they put you on some sort of black list if your levels are …abnormal?

Any idea on how the test levels will change as time moves on?
I could not get my hands on an real PCT, just some over the counter estrogen blockers by SAMS (estrodex). Not great, I’m sure, but that’s also why I’m getting tested, to see what kind of trouble I may have put myself in.

Thank you for taking the time.

I think they contact the FBI and you might be placed on some NO Fly list. I would be careful about what or who you text or call now, they might be listening. Also use a VPN or proxys when using the webs. I shouldnt have to mention but clear all your histories and checkout one of those scanner devices to search for bugs and wires.

I’ve already ordered a new wardrobe from THIS site, to protect myself. I knew this website was a great place for information. Thanks BRAH

Seriously, the best way is to be honest with your local doctor. Just tell them how it is. If the doctor cares about their duty of care they will support you.

Im about to go ask my doc for bloods. Just tell them you just cycled. Lol

Why make life difficult and give yourself anxiety. You’ll need an AI just from the stress you’ve put yourself through

I would have thought you needed the OTC AI while you were cycling. Did you not experience any high E2 symptoms? If not I sure don’t see why you need it now. Your E2 will fall just as fast as your T once you stop injecting while waiting for your own system to crank back up.

As far as testing the lab doesn’t care what your numbers are. Are you saying your PCP is going to give you flack?