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Ended 20 Week First Cycle. PCT Critique?

Just ended 20 wk first cycle.
Wk 1-10 test prop 750/wk eod
Wk 10-20 test prop 750/wk eod & mast prop 750/wk eod
Massive physique gains, great strength gains, sides:started getting acne last few weeks

Last pin 2 days ago

On the 4th “clean” day: 100 nolvadex, then nolvadex 40/40/20/20

I also have clomid in hand as well as tons of aromasin.

Should I change anything?
Should I use both nolvadex and clomid as it was pretty high doses?

What times of the day should I take the serm?

What role does ai play in PCT if any?

Will be eating at maintenance or below during PCT.

How long after PCT can I jump back in?

You don’t need to take 100mg of Nolva. 40/40/20/20 will be more than sufficient.

You don’t need clomid. Nolva on its own is tried and true and has fewer side effects. The doses you took during cycle will not effect pct protocol (in most cases); shut down is shut down and a restart is a restart.

AI plays no role in pct.

Time off = time on + pct
So 24 weeks until your next cycle. The exception here is for those who are competing in one form or another. Those guys can be more reckless since they’ve already sort of accepted that they’re going to die a lot earlier than us normal folks. If you’re just a dude at a gym then wait at least 20 weeks. Your health is more important long term.

Thanks man!

40/40/20/20 it is!

Does it matter what time of the day I take it?
How many times per day? All at once?

Not at all. If you find that taking it with food doesn’t bother your stomach then take it with food. Otherwise the half life is long for Nolva, so if you dose it Monday morning but don’t get to Tuesday’s dose until the evening it should have any effect on the outcome.

I have never heard of anyone front loading nolva. I don’t think there is any need.
You got any before and after picts of your gains?

Very well, no 100 day thanks