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End the Male Only Celibate Teacher's Union...


...and this will never happen again: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/08/06/female-new-york-teacher-accused-sex-with-student-in-motel/?test=latestnews


If only teachers could marry!


Stop trying to make sense to people who want to hate Catholicism---SHEESH.




Not to rain on your parade boys, but it does make kind of a difference for an adolescent boy whether he bones a reasonably hot teacher or is buggered by someone like this.

I realize though that human sexuality is not the CCs strong suit, so this is more or less a public service announcement.


Didn't say it didn't. Just said the position of the liberal agenda to change discipline in the Catholic Church of a celibate priesthood, and also to attempt to change something that can't be changed like women's ordination is not logical.

Someone that breaks a vow isn't going to suddenly start not breaking his vows just because he's married. It's what modernism calls a "character flaw."

But, I agree. I'd be less traumatized by the teacher than the priests with same sex attractions (SSA) that have been responsible for the majority of the abuse cases. Thankfully with current measures, including the refusal of men open about their SSA into the seminary this horrid situation will never repeat itself. Not one abuse is acceptable.


It is a terrible situation when any child is manipulated and or abused by anybody, but it is especially repugnant and offensive when the reputation of the God of the universe is associated with it. Regardless of what the particulars are or whether the perp is Catholic or not.

When systematic coverup and less than utterly intolerant attitudes are shown to be present, the public isn't going to care about the details and probably shouldn't. All they know is the world's largest religious body does not instantly acknowledge, condemn, turn in and join in convicting her offenders. What else are they supposed to do?


That's not true---you're an enlightened wonder boy you don't care how or with whom the act is committed. You just celebrate the act.

You Godless wonder boys have to be consistent you know.


Wait, I thought we were all moral relativists?


Yeah, guess that's what happens when certain bishops stop enforcing doctrine and laws and start embracing modernism and forgetting our very own Canon Laws.

To quote:

Though I find it interesting that you think "people shouldn't" care about the details. After all if you don't know the details how can you prevent it from happening again?

I wholly condemn those who have disgraced the priesthood, disgraced the Church, and abused those the victims, who even if they did consent were under the age of consent, and couldn't agree to participate in such homosexual debauchery even if they wanted to.

Thankfully, since the abuse that occurred in 70's and 80's the Church has put measures to force Vicars and Bishops to follow Canon Law and discipline these priests and remove them from public ministry.

[1] Seewald, P., & Pope Benedict XVI., Light Of The World, (SF: Ignatius Press, 2010), Kindle Locations 472-476).


Sadly, none my teachers has such an interest in me. No wonder I didn't like school...An involved teacher like this certainly could have changed my outlook...Who knows, I may have gone in education.


I don't know, he looks pretty cute... My beard is longer than his though.....Just till I recover from back surgery...
I need it long enough to hide my abs until I can get them back. I have had an inordinate craving for ice cream...Makes me wonder if they did not impregnate me in the OR.


And these guys aren't celibate:

I really don't think that celibacy is linked to child molestation, you pretty much just have to be a sick fuck to do something like that. I can't imagine the priests who did this crap wouldn't have done it if they got laid weekly. They'd have done it anyway because they have a screw loose.
Aside from that, a good many of the accused have been acquitted over time...It's been found that some of these accusations were leveled, now this may shock you, because of money. Of course acquittals are 50th page news.


Orion, you're slipping. "Godless wonder boy" can be exchanged for "oral relativist." You shold know that I've used it before. Have you been drinking to much of that hearty Austrian brew?


I think you have moral absolutism, relativism and consequentialism all mixed up in your head.

But, if you give me a restricted access code I could download it directly.

Depending on how full your memory is, some other stuff would have to go though.


Thanks for the offer but I would no more give access to my brain to a Godless wonder like you than I would go through life thinking that there is no creator and things just happened. Yeah...most things just happen..right?


Pretty much.

Lifes a bitch and then you die.


I dunno, I'm satisfied, it's all free anyway.


no one said how old the boy was, I remember at 17 she could have abused me all she wanted, I would guess the relationship got side ways some how and the boy is retaliating


I started a thread about celibacy a while back asking for evidence linking celibacy to child molestation or any other sexual disorder and I don't recall anyone being able to offer up a single piece of hard evidence for any such thing.

This, like so many other things, seems to be one of those lies that got repeated often enough.