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End of TRT Unfortunately Maybe

End of trt unfortunately maybe as I just got checked and my test came back 13 nmol/L with a reference range of 8.4 to 28.8 I’m upset is 13 still low considering…I was using extra test but it had been a month before my last injection of non try test.fuck oh well.im worried the test that was non trt was still in my system than I will be depleted once that leaves me and I’m not on trt anymore.good I got nolvadex just in case


Explain. Just because you tested high, how does that equate to TrT being gone?
Did the Doc threaten to remove you?
Mine came in high and I explained that I had just injected the morning the day beofre lab work. One time my test came in super high, I expalined that I didnt understand how to convert volume to mgs so I ended up inadvertently doubling my dose.

He said to get the test the day before my next injection I get the injections done by the docter every two weeks maybe your right tho on all the other things you said tho like the trt not being gone he didn’t threaten to remove me but he said he won’t be doing anymore injections till discussing my results

You go to him for your injections? You should be searching for a new Supplier then anyways.

What’s the question?

If you think that he will take me off of trt because my levels are normal 13 days after my last injection

The reference range for life labs is 8.4 to 28.8 nmol/l and mine was 13

I am lost here. Your level should never drop out of range if you are on TRT, your doctor is a moron and you should change. Simple.

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Are you taking sustanon? That takes ages to get back to normal after stopping, because of the long ester in the mix, undecanote. I reduced from trt blast of 250mg/wk, back down to regular trt of 125/wk for 6 weeks. I got tested and my I was still at 60.

Well maybe he’s a moron I don’t know I just thought it keeps you in therepeutic rangesvin between most of the time until just before you have your next shot he might keep me on.if he does keep me on he’s not a moron.maybs I’m just a bit unedjucated

Sounds more like he is.

That’s the way to do TRT.

If your doc keeps you on a protocol where you got huge fluctuations in plasma levels over a period of weeks, he doesn’t do it correctly and you should move on.

I have only got one blood test after 13 days after my last injection so there is probably some fluctuation because test e half life is 4.5 days I just got switched to test cyp but that was after my blood test they said after that injection they were not giving me anymore till I went over my blood test results.i got a test done before I went on trt and .g level was 310 ng/DL they allmost didn’t give it to me because the reference range is 280 to 1200 but he ended up doing it because of my symptoms because it was hard to get on it in the first place I don’t know if I could just switch doctors plus it’s kinda the norm around here due to the medications dosage protocol to do it every two weeks I have thought of going on the scrotal get cream tho.i have heard of anti aging clinics but i heard those could be pricey

That’s how your plasma levels look like.
Not good

It’s 200 mg every two weeks I was taking test e now I’m taking test cyp.i don’t really understand the graph is that testosterone scale on the bottom nmol/l or what I understand the mg on the side I think maybe

Or is that mg of test on the bottom to.why is it higher after the second peak going down than the first peak going down

It’s actually 7-9 days, Cypionate is 4-5 days, with an effective life of 7 days.

Woa really different info on the net I guess.shit I should of stayed on test e

Cause I know you guys love those PK profiles so much. Much of the confusion around apparent elimination and absorption half lives with enanthate and cypionate has to do with variations across studies in bolus amount, hydrolysis enzyme activity, surface area-to-volume ratio of the bolus which may be impacted by site of administriation, sub-Q vs IM, etc, etc.

With either enanthate or cypionate, time to max concentration (tmax) varies from 18 to 48 hours and apparent elimination half life can vary from 3.6 to 5.5 days. Apparent absorption half life is typically 6-24 hours. Remember these half lives are “apparent” as testosterone esters exhibit flip flop kinetics since the actual elimination rate for testosterone in the body (not the ester) is on the order of minutes. The rate limiting step is release of testosterone via hydrolysis from the oil depot site, and the change of surface area per unit volume over time for the oily depot which consists of the testosterone ester.

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Figure you may enjoy this one @lordgains if not already: