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End of the World!!!!!!


So these people are regularly in downtown Toronto telling everyone the world is going to end. I also have read there are end of the world billboards popping up all over the US.

How many people here believe a Judgement Day is in fact coming? How many think it's May 21 2011?

How much presence has this ad campaign had in your community?

What are your plans for may 21 2011?






Think I'm scheduled to deadlift.


I'm not too worried about it. I have it on good authority that this world won't end until the year 328X, and the human race will have left this planet for greener pastures regardless.



I've heard nothing about this, and I live in what is supposed to be the bible belt here in BC.
As this will be may long weekend I guess most will be bbqing and drinking. :smiley:


The guy behind these predictions, Harold Camping, also predicted the world would end in 1994.


Where does the bible guarantee the precise date of judgement day?
And if it doesn't happen will the people who put up that poster renounce their religion?


That implies that the people behind this sort of ass-hattery have a shred of common sense/intelligence.


To add, there's also a woman who slit her children's throat to avoid Judgement Day.



Sounds like fun.


You know, I am wondering if we could actually have a decent discussion about the growing risk of a solar flare around 2012 considering we are going to be a closer target for one around that time.

I am not one for end of the world bullshit...but I also fall more on the side of Mulder than Skully when it comes to "possibilities".


Haha, yeah I guess I was implying that in a roundabout way. I guess they will find some way to reason that they were not wrong but theres been a problem with the calculations or something...


Cynical attempt to drum up "trade". McReligion.


Whats funny to me is, those fucking dudes were there on the same street corners when I was in HS lol.

My friends and I would go to TO to see concerts and walk down Young street.

Different people, same type of predictions...wrong ones.

The weather sure is been severe this year though, have to admit that.


Solar flares, weather, geophysics...

All these things have run in cycles since the dawn of time, or at least since history has been recorded. My only real concerns are asteroids and nuclear war. Anything short of the sun im/exploding unexpectedly and we're good until 328something.


Isn't one of the tenets in Christianity the belief a judgement day is coming?

Don't you have to believe in a Judgement Day (maybe not May 21 2011) to call yourself a Christian?


The Bible does not specify. However this zealot (Harold Camping) has taken it upon himself to decipher the numeric elements of scripture and determined that May 21, 2011 is the date of judgement.

He was wrong in '94.

EDIT: Forgot pic... see next post.


Harold Camping


Not that I'm particularly Christian, but the idea of judgment could just refer to being judged after death. I thought...

Besides that shit's only in Revelations, which is full of all sorts of craziness.