End of the Cycle

well I am on the last week of a 14th week adventure.
I did 400 test prop and 600 eq wk for 9wks and 200 test prop and 300 eg the last 5 wks.
week 11-13 did 50mg winney ed
the entire time on I used liquidex .25 everyday and propecia.
I plan to end the cycle with clomid and nalv.

Side effects were few, alittle back achne in the last few weeks (like 3 or four large ones and a few small ones) Face had minor break outs ( not even close to puberty achne though)

Gained about ten lbs total, look much more vascular.

What i would have done over it I could do it again:

  1. not use prop (shooting that shit 3-4 times a week sucks and my ass my never be the same)

  2. I had such inflammation in my ass that I started to develope edema in my lower back to the point the I could visibly see it and push on it)so I had to stop for an entire week to get back to normal.

  3. cycle in the winter and not in the late spring because in the winter I never go out but as soon as the sun comes out boating season and out door parties start so more temptation to drink.(screwed up about 5 weekends)

  4. written up a better workout program. Started runing out of ways to workout differently and since I am in college year round. Time was limited on being able to research new routines

My advice is when you think you have planned everything, plan some more because life comes at you quick and you never know how you are going to screw your cycle up.

thanks stillearning

thanks you for sharing your experience!

And I hope you don’t be pissed if I give you my opinion on your cycle :slight_smile:

As from my research and experience (not a big experience… 3 cycles in the last year) and assuming your goal are to get “over natural” mass (cause for natural mass AAS aren’t really requested):

  1. I’ll use test E for all the lenght of the cycle
  2. I’ll used at least 600mg/week of Test or 400mg + Mast
  3. Run the winny in the start of the cycle is a better choice
    4)Eat more (cause I think 10lbs is not a so big gain in a long cycle…)

just my 2 eurocents…

14 weeks and you only gained 10 pounds? Look, I don’t know what state of mind it takes to think that you can defy the laws of physics and just create mass out of nowhere, but pumping your ass full of juice isn’t going to single-handedly do shit. I can pack on 10 lbs in 2 weeks on a good diet.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
14 weeks and you only gained 10 pounds? I can pack on 10 lbs in 2 weeks on a good diet.[/quote]

Or a bad one :wink:

stilllearning is stilllearning. I too gravitate towards the longer estered products. I don’t mind the pokes per se but if the results are the same with 2 a week why do 4?

A theme here for this thread as with so many others is gear is only a fraction of the equation. You gotta eat and lift like you want to gain 25lbs in 2 months.

I have to second that opinion.

I honestly though my first cycle was going to completely transform my physique. I busted my ass and did pretty good (gained 15 lbs of lean mass in 10 weeks and kept most of it) but nowhere near as much as I should have gained if I would have really been on with my diet and training.

Gear in the absence of proper diet and training doesn’t do anything but retain water.