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End of Supplements as We Know them


Those of you who think that supplements will be freely available in the USA for long may be interested to learn that by 2010 the situation in the US will be no better than in Canada or in Europe. Companies will still be able to sell protein powder but forget about most of the other products.

This video is definitely worth watching:

This site provides an easy and quick overview of what is to come and already has come to many parts of the world:

We will not only loose the freedom to choose supplements. We will loose the freedom to choose healthy food. Read, watch and judge for yourself. I have lived in a country where it is easy to buy 500 mg tablets of aspirin but close to impossible to buy 500 mg tablets of vitamin C. I hope the people in the US will manage to avoid this fate but it will take many people's combined effort.



So how is the situation in this "Europe"?

Because where I live I get all the supplements I want except HOT-ROX, AND I could order steroids per internet if I want ed to.


Sounds like needless scare mongering to me.


Luckily we'll have a democratic president in 2008 and that will change everything. They don't let our freedoms go away easily.

(For those who want to argue politics know that I am in fact republican)


That kind of shit makes me sick. They have no right to restrict us hell i think if someone wants to smoke weed thats their choice not mine not the governments.


So when will a Libertarian step up and get him/herself elected?

I'm so sick and tired of being told what's safe, what's not, what's healthy and unhealthy, when I can do things, when I can't. Sick and tired.

Anyone here for a smaller government besides me?


For the love of everything please don't turn this thread into a US political one.

And this doesn't seem all to realistic to me. Meh. But what do I know...


Um, you might want to research the democratic candidates before you make that statement. Joe Biden has been wanting to ban supplements (specifically bodybuilding supplements) for years.



What part of I'm a republican did you not understand? Why would I research democratic candidates?


Of course it's wrong to ban supplements. But, my brother in law is a doctor and I will still be able to buy all the current legal supplements anytime I want.

But for the rest of you poor bastards....well it will suck.


I am. Im also gonna sign that petition


Yeah Derek I'm more than ready for a 3rd party who isn't neck deep in corruption. Very few people would seem to argue that we are being more and more controlled by special interest money. Is there a good purpose to lobbying? Try to remind people that we are the politicians employers.


There's NO party that's immune to the effects of assholes.

What's that? Who said Nancy Pelosi?


things are not as bad in canada as you may think. the government is requiring products to be licenced. the main reason behind it is so that a total recall can be effected quickly if needed as well as removing fly-by-night companies with unscrupulous products from the market.

the real issues currently are the fact that the system is not in place fully until 2010, border inspectors have no clear list of what is allowed (this leads to widely varying standards of what they chose to let in), and 7-keto seems to have accidentally been classified as a steroid even though it does not exhibit hormonal effects and all human studies are highly supportive of its use.

the first two issues will go away with time, the third can be dealt with within the current system. truly a bigger problem in canada is that we have to deal with two more steps (the importer and the distributor) which jacks up the prices.

btw canada's regulations even provide a tool for rooting out homeopathic vs. naturopathic remedies. the latter will be allowed and the former will be marginalized under the system.

most customers will not notice any difference in canada, except maybe the french who will now be able to read the mandatory bilingual labels. truth is based on current laws which are not enforced, the authorities could shut down just about every supplement vendor due to labelling requirements, so far only a few companies are following the law with respect to this.

the situation in the states seems to be a massive over reaction to what is a problem with the unregulated market. i would not compare it canada where a well thought out process is being enacted that well run companies and consumers will benefit from.


Allow me to interpret that: "An overbearing government is going to super regulate supplements so that they are able to dictate to the people which supplements THEY think are good and which ones THEY think are bad."

Well I certainly can't see a problem with that system.(cough)


Your favorite supplements will most likely no longer exist because the market won't be big enough for companies to produce them profitably if they can only be acquired through a prescription. In addition the prices for those supplements still existing will be 2-10 times higher than what you are currently paying in the US. I have personal experience with the situation in Germany (lived there for 33 years). Most US supplements are not available at all on the market. The only way to legally get them is with a prescription and then ordered through a pharmacy from the US. This is very expensive and time consuming. Once Codex is in place world wide and enforced through the WTO it will be difficult to find any reliable source for most supplements at all.
However, those people who like drug solutions don't need to be concerned. Their needs will always be met. Health and freedom are on a different page though, especially when healthy food will be outlawed, e.g. raw milk as it is already in many countries, including Canada and most states in the US.
This forum is about nutrition and supplements. Both will be severely compromised in the US very soon like they are already in many other countries. I hope it is not already too late for people to wake up...

To anyone who's interested in how our food supply is dramatically changing right in front of our eyes I would like to recommend this video:
Think it won't affect your bodybuilding progress? When food is making you sick your progress is likely to suffer...


I feel for ya america, it sucks to be you in regards to supplement legislation. I think you should fight tooth and nail on this issue.

Anyway in a lot of europe prohormones are legal. Why doesnt Biotest start making MAG-10 etc for our market, why do we have to suffer along with america?
Just asking.


You mean I won't be able to purchase HMB?

Or Ribose-C?

Or even GNC Ultimate Thermo Pump!!!!

What about the Dyanabol I buy from the back of magazines?

How dare they ban scam products with mystery ingredients made by fly-by-night companies! The audacity of our government!

Good thing I stocked up on all those gyno inducing pro-hormones.

Good thing the 'next creatine' came out in time. I was gonna try it but my arms are so big from the HMB that I can't reach back and get my wallet.




The real issue is who makes the decisions as to what you CAN buy. What you ACTUALLY buy is a totally different story...