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End of My Rope


So today I bundled up and went to go do my 15 minutes of rope skipping conditioning work and immediately after my warm up, when I started the first work set, my rope snapped in half. Does that mean I win? I guess I beat the game, huh?

It's a real toss up as to wether it was just cheap and lived a long life, or if it was the cold. I've used it in the chicken shack on the farm when it was well below 0, so I don;t think it was the cold, but you never know.

Sorry, no real point to this post. I was just pissed my trusty jump rope picked today to crap out on me. I'd give it the "injured vs hurt" lecture, but he's pretty clearly out of commission.

I also priced 2'' round steel to make a thick bar and 2'' black iron pipe nipple to make a leverage bar, if anyone is curious.


You gotta have a back up ya know! I've got 3 jump ropes.

BTW, gay post.



Not that theres anything wrong with that...?


Well that sucks. Is your rope plastic?

Get an actual ... rope... one. Would that help???

My lovely kids somehow took the handles off of my rope. Odd. Why does jump rope need handles anyway?


I use the plastic jump "ropes" at my gym. In the past 4 weeks three or four of them have snapped off at the handle. I think the rope is supposed to spin freely inside the handle, but because of centifugal force binds up instead. As result of the rotational force and flexing back and forth the plastic eventually fails.

I have a Everlast rawhide rope with weighted handles, but the rope is too light. I'm having a hard time getting it to swing fast enough.


Please explain what 2" black pipe nipple would do for a leverage bar if you don't mind.

The plastic ropes are just that. They don't move freely in the handle. What you really ought to do is to get a nice thick wooden handle with a bearing on the rope bearing section. You could semi weld a piece of aircraft grade winch cable to the inside so it would spin freely and the "rope" would be heavy enough and you could use it as a tow accessory for your 4x4.

As far as the rope that is too light... add a brick?


My everlast rawhide jump rope is fast.

I also have an everlast rope jump rope that is slow.


LOL. You kicked its ass dude...fuckin jump ropes...


Well, if I got one 12 inches long I could use the set screw type collars to secure a weight on one end and hold it on the other to do leverage work for the wrists.

Unfortunately the hardware store priced it at about 12 bucks, which means for almost the same price plus whatever they charge to cut it I could buy a piece of solid steel two inches thick and 12 inches long.