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End of First Cycle, I Feel Mortal Again


I'm 1 day from starting pct. I've gotta admit, this was a helluva lot of fun.

500mg test c for 11
30mg dbol for 4

Went from 203 - 233. Didn't gain a pound after the dbol. However i went from looking watery to more defined.

Things i've learned:
- Needed way more than .25mg adex eod.
- Test gave me crazy insomnia.
- Dbol pumps aren't all that bad.
- Every woman seems bangable when on cycle.

I'm glad i did it. Very happy with the results. TBH i'm already thinking about my next cycle. Probably just another test/dbol go round.

Only side effects that really are worth mentioning thus far are the insomnia and slight bacne. Other then that i felt like a god king for 11 weeks...What a ride...

Now back to my DOMS :frowning:


Nowt wrong with DOMS mate!


Did you ever add any extra cardio? If not, how did you notice your fat %?

Came out leaner without really trying to?

I just wonder how a cycle of test affects fat % never really found a straight answer.

Glad you had fun and didnt get any serious sides.


No, nothing wrong with DOMS... Just makes me feel like a normal man again :frowning: lol. Nothing like the feeling of being recovered in half the time.

No extra cardio, and my bf stayed about the same. maybe a percent drop or so. I'm not very lean, still about 15%bf. But its easly maintainable for me so i don't care to drop any. I will admit i ate like shit. Cookies, fast food, etc. Whatever i could to keep my calories high.


If you don't mind my asking e-wire, roughly how old are you? 20's? 30's? 40's? Second, what are you doing for PCT? We'd also be curious to hear how much of your gains "stick".


LMAO! I find fat easy to maintain too!

In response the the guy asking about test use and fat.. It depends is the reason you cant get a straight answer. All being equal, when Testosterone is applied to a subject, their fat percentage would surely go down, as muscle is built - even if no fat is 'lost'.

There is the fact that the androgen activity at androgen receptors in fat cells will support lipolysis.. but also that excess estrogen can lead to fat gain. If there is a 'cancelling out' due to this i dont know and wouldn't like to guess..

There is also the fact that the majority of users running Test are trying to gain weight (with a minority - albeit no small amount - using anabolics to lose weight IMO) so are eating an abundance of calories.. And of course those trying to lose weight will be eating less calories.

It comes to my mind while writing this that food is of course the common denominator here, with Test being something to allow muscle to be kept or built, which has almost secondary effects on fat percentages.

But as i said, all being equal, % would decrease i believe.



I'm 25. Just using nolva for pct. 40/20/20/20. If i can keep between 15-20lbs, i would be happy with that.


Usually it goes 40/40/20/20. Any specific reason for dropping it off in the 2nd week?


Sorry, typo. I'm doing standard protocol.


hey bro, Im on the same cycle 200mg test c every 3days
20mgs/day dbol for 4 weeks
plus 25mg/day proviron for 3 weeks to jump start the cycle.
100% whey, and creatine

Ive experienced some crazy insomnia bro, I cannot sleep for the life of me, and cant stay asleep ounce i do fall asleep. hoping it will pass, Gains wise, Im already up 8 pounds in 1 week, mostly water im assuming from the dbol and creatine. Strength is up as well, mostly because im psyched.


Well it looks like Josh didn't get beat down from the big guy at the gym,..,

Did ya buy him dinner and a beer?



Next time, front load your test and don't add the DBol in until around week 4-5. :slightly_smiling:


+1 for frontload test


Yeah, i definitely wished i would have waited to take the dbol. Gains came sooooo slow after the first 4 weeks.