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End of Day Workouts


I work and go to school all day throughout the week. 23yrs old. Sometimes I can't keep up with my calories but still want to lift at the end of the day, usually around 10pm. Is it worth it to workout that late with only have had consumed about 3 meals the whole day, or is it better to just go home and eat some more? I'm not really looking for a "meal prep solution", just more so wondering if I'm working against myself lifting so late.


Tons of guys "only" ate three meals a day and built huge muscles and got strong as hell. Seeing "only" three meals a day as a bad thing is an absurdity of the last few years.

Profile says you're 5'7" and 215 pounds. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think "eat some more" is the right call. Get a quality workout shake with good protein and fast carbs, like Surge Recovery, and have it right before and while lifting.

Working out late is infinitely more beneficial than not working out. Train whenever you can. Some guys wake up at 4:30am to lift before a 12-hour workday. You do what you have to do.


Working out late has practically no bearing on how you eat.

You train how you need to.