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End of Cycle Question: Winny and PCT


Hello all, it has been a while since I have posted but I have quietly reading all along. I am coming to the end of my Sustanon cycle and have started winstrol 50 mg a day (half pill in the morning and half at night).I have adjusted my diet for the last two weeks to lean out. Lesser caloric intake, moderate fats, high protien, minimal carbs (mostly lentils). My cycle was such:

500mg sustanon/wk for 10 weeks
50 mg winstrol for 5wks (starting 9th wk of Sust).

Nolvadex (three weeks worth. Able to acquire more)
Clomid (about 20 tabs)

25 yrs
14% BF

My question is, with the PCT that I have, what is a good way of constructing a PCT and when to exactly start. Thankfully I have had no gyno, but I bit of bloating. I would appreciate any insight on this.

Thank you


Standard pct is fine.


Thank you for te response Bonez. Would you recommend beginning PCT after my last administration of Winstrol? Would the standard 40/20/10/10 of nolvadex be sufficient or is clomid a must? I understand winstrol has some anti-est characteristic.

Appreciate the help.


Yea, you can start PCT a day or two after the winstrol.

Clomid is better at stimulating LH but many people find the side effects to be too much.


Thanks again Bonez. Don't mean to beat a dead horse but, if I did not expeirence much aromatization during my cycle, how will that play into recovery and response to Clomid? I know thats a bit of "in-the-air" question as I have to try it to know, but just thought to see if you had some feedback on the levels of aromatization during cycle and PCT length/duration/dosing.

Thank you


Just curious - is this based off studies or anecdotal?




Im not entirely sure what you mean.

I think you are confused about something but Im not sure what. Explain your thought process then ask the question that follows it.


Sorry I sort of convoluted the question.. Basically I wanted to know if I did NOT experience much aromatization while on sustanon, does that mean that my PCT can be of a lesser dosage? Sorry if I confused you..Thank you



The amount of estrogen produced during a cycle doesnt have an impact on what PCT should be.


Okay, got it. thank you.

I also was wondering your thoughts on bridging with Anavar after I do my PCT... is this a good idea? If so, what is a good structure to go with?