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End of Cycle Elevated Blood Test Results

Ok, first post noobie here. I would greatly appreciate any advice from anyone who may have experience/knowledge on the issue. I just finished a 12 week cycle (my first) and had my blood tested one week after coming off as to compare my post-cycle values to my pre-cycle values. First, here is the cycle I ran;

weeks 1-3 - 30mg anavar ed
weeks 1-3 - 3 caps of milk thistle, 1 cap taken with each var tab
weeks 1-12 - 600mg per week
weeks 1-12 - finasteride 1.25 mg ed
weeks 1-12 - arimidex .5 mg eod
weeks 9-12 - 1500 IU HCG
weeks 13-15 - nolva @ 40/20/20

Tried to drink at least 3 liters of water per day, preferrably 4

My post-cycle blood work was taken at the beginning of week 13.
Here are my ALT/AST values;

before cycle post cycle

AST - 22 AST - 52
ALT - 23 AST - 92

My question is, what was I running that would cause these values to jump so high?
I was under the impression that injectable test may cause liver values to rise a
bit, but at 600 mg per week, I was not expecting it to be so dramatic.

the anavar which was run during the first three weeks had increased my values
and the values had still not returned to normal by week 12? I was wondering whether
or not the adex, hcg and / or finasteride may have played a role as well, but from
the limited info I can dig up, they do not seem to be such hepatoxic drugs.

One more thing to note, I did not have any alcohol the entire cycle, save for
3 beers which I drank 3 days before the test. I have another test scheduled in 6
weeks, and in the mean time, I have ordered some liv.52 to see if that may help.

Any comments/advice that you may have is very welcome.

Oops, just realize I made a mistake on the values…should read:

AST - 22 AST - 52
ALT - 23 ALT - 92


Well, have to get some sleep…will check back in tomorrow morning…