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End of CrossFit?

Unfortunately, that’s the state of our world. Not making a statement is now the equivalent to complicity.

Ben and Jerries anyone?

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I honestly don’t really follow CrossFit other than the games. I don’t know much about him. Does anyone know who comprises the ownership of Glasssman? When he got a divorce, 8 years or so ago, he maintained 100% at that time.

This times like a million.

I’m old enough to remember Rhambdo the Clown.


This is my favourite post on T-Nation today, probably for a long time.

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Maybe I am insufficiently American to understand how this is racism:

Post 1 (by third party): “Racism is a public health issue.”

Glassman response: “Floyd-19”

There is nothing “racist” about Glassman’s post. In fact, it references that the racism that Mr. Floyd (apparently*) experienced is a pandemic like Covid-19.

That’s pretty typical Jewish gallows humor, in fact. We culturally mix tragedy and joy in the same sentence.

  • asterisk put in place because I’m a lawyer. Looks like he was killed to me, but we haven’t heard the other side of the story. Even Hitler deserved a fair trial. Due process is a large part of what separates us from tyrants (and cops that apparently act as judge, jury, and executioner).
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It is the high crime of blasphemy to use the righteous one’s name in vain or to put any idols above Him.

Not even really a joke at this point. Leftism is a cult in the US now.



I saw a video recently that was shockingly like a Sunday morning service. I’ll see if I can find it.

Brainwashed cult.

I don’t post much so I have to keep the quality high, lol.

I took the Glassman thing (when combined with his follow up tweet) to mean “so the people who told us that COVID-19 was going to kill millions are now going to tell us how to end racism in the aftermath of Floyd?” Or something to that effect.

It has about as much nuance as a tweet can allow, but I don’t see any racism there.


I’m a little liberal myself but this is dumb. I wouldn’t expect a guy who came up with WOD’s to be super sympathetic to a race issue (cause, like, it’s not what he’s known for) nor was his tweet really “racist” to me…people on both sides should just stay off social media. Lotta anger and arguing would go away, or at least be more private.

It’s unfortunate, but not surprising that you both felt the need to clarify this. This isn’t a political issue. For some reason it has been made into one. I’m fairly ignorant of MSM’s take on positions, but it appears from my ‘friends’ on social media the political divide has come from goal post moving. Thoughts on that?

For example:

  • if you don’t say something on social media, then you are complicit
  • if you oppose democratic candidates, then you are supporting racism

To add: if you support democratic candidates, you are the enemy. Just to clarify the position from the other side of this. I feel like people are making sweeping comments about 50% of the problem.

I see a lot of dumb liberal stuff, especially the footwashing ceremonies, but to me it’s no different from the videos of people in churches writhing on the ground - it’s just extremist bullshit and is used as ammunition by both sides to paint everyone in that category as of one mind. Nobody I know is washing people’s feet. The only protest one of my friends has been to involved everyone sitting down and giving a nearly 30-minute silence.

Also, regardless of whether the intent is racism or not, how can so many successful people be so stupid that they can’t stop blurting out controversial stuff on twitter?


Yeah, the rabble rousers on both sides can find plenty of extreme examples of foolishness and always ignore the foolishness on their own side.

This is on full display on the big news channels, and on hyper display in online forums like reddit where each little enclave does nothing but post memes shaming the other side, and posts news stories supporting themselves. No critical thought of their own ideology, no matter how valid, is to be found.

It creates these echo chambers where everything does become political because there’s always some angle to come at it from and try to win over more People or further entrench your own beliefs.


It’s hard for me to ignore my own side, my sister is the SJW of all SJW’s - now fortunately that doesn’t include violence of any sort and generally she’s a very good person, and extraordinarily intelligent, but she’s that person who will accuse you of sexism or racism or a combination of both in a heartbeat when you weren’t even close to either. Very annoying.

But all in all, it would behoove the entire country if every person just took one day out of their lives and focused, just for that day, solely on the problems that exist within their own party.

Ain’t gonna happen, but it’d be nice. The political divide is frightening, and the few people with the power to actually help close that divide spend all day every day widening it.


Absolutely! Most of my ‘friends’ are liberal. The more conservative ones are more hung upon looting and destroying cities.

I shouldn’t be, but it surprises me how ‘racism’ is political.

My 21y/o brother just went full SJW out of nowhere. He’s protested in 4 states. He told my family he won’t come to family functions until we all denounce racism publicly on social media.

I’m not going to any family functions unless they come out against CrossFit, so we all have our crosses to bear I suppose.


Or fixed the problems that exist in their own house before trying to fix other people’s problems.

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Wait, what? Is this something that happened during a protest or are you just referring to something that normally happens in some churches?

This guy fills stadiums, by the way, and I’m still able to say that the majority of devout religious people know this is nonsense. I point it out too often, I’m sure, but it just gets to me when people show a video and say “Look at these idiots - [insert political/religious affiliation] are [insert derogatory adjective]”.