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End of CrossFit?

Everyone seems to be quickly distancing themselves. Will Glassman be forced to resign, will Froning and others start their own, or will it blow over in a week?

I don’t think CrossFit will go anywhere. Glassman probably will, but I’m sure someone new will take his place and everything will keep chugging along for them.

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Fake outrage is the flavour of the times.

I’m no fan of crossfit, but I’d boycott any company that virtue signals by taking sponsorship away from a venture that they have previously supported. All these hypocrite sports clothing companies that support crossfit despite it being as riddled with PED’s as Pro Bodybuilding, yet pretend that its not. They use wage slaves in foreign countries, to make their products, which they massively mark up to sell in the western countries. Fuck them.

We have seen with Nike, despite all their virtue signalling over BLM, that it didn’t stop the same people from ruthlessly looting their stores.
Maybe its reebok next, or maybe not if black looters don’t like their gear.

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Rogue has officially come out saying this, more or less. Reebok has said they’ll finish the year and are done. I follow a few athletes and all of them have distanced themselves.

This has always been my opinion on the matter. Outrage over trends. If people were actually serious about their beliefs they would care about Chinese, Taiwanese, N. Korean, etc. lives.


Edit: oh f**k me this got moved to PWI (or was always there and I thought it was in off topic). I am doubly out.


LoL, Almost as quick as your joocy meme:)

BLM never complained about the slaves making Nike apparel.

I don’t like crossfit training for the average person for a few reasons. However, I love watching the elites compete. Where will the games be without Reebok and Rogue? If you go back and watch the old crossfit games, you can tell how much they need these sponsors.

I didn’t think the tweet was so bad? Does this guy have a history of making politically incorrect comments?



People have been calling for a response from crossfitHQ for last few days and they’ve been silent. He finally tweeted about it and it didn’t satisfy the virtue mob.

They will probably be better off losing Glassman either way. Guy has always seemed like a tool.*

*. Though I must admit this impression was from a few years ago when I was first learning about CrossFit. I haven’t followed anything in that community since although I have watched a few documentaries on Netflix.



Thanks, so he has made some bad comments. I completely understand why Reebok had to distance as well as the CF athletes I follow. I really like watching those CF games. Hopefully the athletes will be okay.

Why do people need a tweet from a fitness company about the state of race relations in America? I am fairly “liberal” and not once through this whole thing did I think “I wonder what T-Nation thinks about racism and George Floyd, I better check their twitter.” Honestly I haven’t thought about what any soulless company thinks about it (except how they can use it to market themselves and make money.)

On the other hand, its pretty hard to mess up what essentially should amount to you saying “Racism bad”, so kudos to him for doing it in only 2 words.


A thousand times yes.

It’s ridiculous that anyone would care what a company thinks about racism.

These corporations don’t actually give a shit about race relations, they just know that good PR will get them more money. If they thought they could increase quarterly profits by tweeting “lynch all the dirty blacks” they’d be doing that.


I think this is more about staying away from the stench than good PR.

At this risk of being labelled a racist, I’ve seen Glassman tweet a response to “Racism is a public health issue” with “It’s FLOYD-19” which is extremely poor taste and even worse judgement but doesn’t seem like racism to me - is there more to this?

Never a truer word spoken.

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No idea, that was all I saw from him as well after a cursory Google. It’s not a joke in good taste from a public figure, or even a particularly good joke in general, but it’s not specifically racist.

If I was Glassman, I’d have tweeted clarifying that I meant that the government response to the death of Floyd should be as dramatic as their response to covid-19.

The ol’ switcheroo


Doesn’t he come out every few years and drop a doozy?

I thought Glassmans persona has always been that of a turd in the punch bowl on purpose. It sorts out anybody that might throw up some pushback. Like “If you think this is OK, then wait till you here my next one…” kind of an M.O.

I dunno. I’m sure it will change things, doubt it will end it. Maybe he wants to change the image of CF from what it has become to what it will be next, what ever that may be. :man_shrugging: