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End of Coan Phillipi Program- 520-575

I finally ended this program today, with a max of 575
I’m 19

Nice Pull! Looks like you got a little twisted there. Great job sticking with it and finishing the lift.

very impressive

nice shit bro

[quote]crod266 wrote:
nice shirt bro[/quote]

Fixed that for ya

You should rename the video “can he do it?”. It would be quite suspenseful. Good job.

Hahaha thanks guys, yea I take a long time to get psyched up.

Ugly. But it got up there. Did you kill the asshole that walked in front of the camera at the end?

Nice pull Davey. Stick with it.
You’ve got a bright (strong) future.


That’s a proper max pull! Ugly as hell but you got it up. Impressive gains on the program!

That’s a really big increase, especially when you were already pulling low 5’s!

very strong!
how much u weigh?

I’m weighing about 198 first thing in the morn, 205 at night if I get my calories in. I don’t know how to multi-quote on this board, but yea it was ugly(NO HITCHING!) I am jsut really slow at the top, so I’ll probably throw some rack pulls in and see if I can get 600 before I turn 20. As for the dude that walked in front of the camera: I hang cleaned the bar and then threw it at him.

Awesome, both the actual lift and the increase you made. Did you also notice any gain in bodyweight at the end of the program?

p.s. This is not a legal lift. He’s wearing the experimental inzer deadlifting suit codenamed “Pinkie”, it is supposed to add about 300lbs onto your lift.

It wasn’t ugly for a maximum lift…it was legal. If you would have pulled it smoothly most here would say you had another 20lbs in you.

Good lift. On psyching up, in training I find it easier to turn around and pull facing the wall in gyms. less pedestrian crap to block out.

[quote]HARA wrote:
It wasn’t ugly for a maximum lift…it was legal. If you would have pulled it smoothly most here would say you had another 20lbs in you.

Agreed, there was nothing illegal about it, nor was there anything pretty about it, but that’s just the way a maximum lift often looks.

To the OP, I’d be curious to see if your grip was even because of the way the bar comes up faster on your right side. It looks like it pitches you to your left a bit, and your right foot is actually deloaded enough to allow it to externally rotate at lockout. I also noticed that when you rotated, you were on the ball of your foot, not the heel, which would suggest the weight came off the heel at that point.

Still a great pull, work the lockout and you’ll have 600 in the near future.

ooohhh man that was intense. Nasty lift man. You dont look like you weigh around 200 though. I thought you were around my weight and you got me a lil worried like id be competing against you in the near future…good work keep it up.

Great job!

Thanks guys- Modi I didn’t even notice my right foot rotated until now, that is really strange, and now that you mention it it does look like my grip was a bit off. Probably what happened was the right side came up to fast so I shifted over to the left with more weight which allowed my foot to rotate…

I don’t pull facing the wall because there used to be a mirror there, and now I just have the habit=). Pipes I think its the angle, most people say I look like I weigh more than 200. I have an old thread in RMP I think.