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End of Bulking


In the past couple months ive been lifting hard and eating tons. I went on the scale the other day and i had gained 8lbs. My body fat % is basically the same..so i figure now im just gonna cut up...because my body fat wasnt low to begin with. Today was my last bulking day and i had about 3 tuna fish sandwiches in the past hour lol...im gonna miss this.

Now its time for cardio daily, and strict eating :(. Im gonna send in pics when im done...because by then ill have a cam and right now i dont. So you wont see abefore and after pic but lets just say right now im at like 14% body fat.


How much do you weigh?


I started at 175lbs and now im 183lbs...my body fat has basically stayed the same and all my lifts have gone up. I wanna get cut anyway.


So then what the problem is?


Great. The likelihood of you losing everything you worked for is great as well. Have fun going back to where you started by rushing to look like an underwear model.

For others interested, it would be wise to hold onto any gains made for a few months so that your body can adjust to a higher weight setpoint. Rushing up and down in weight will do very little long term.


wow 8 lbs..I think I took a dump bigger than that this morning.


That diet sounds like a weight-loss diet anyway...you should miss stuff like pizzas and double cheeseburgers and so on...what's the fun of 'bulking' if the best thing you're eating is tuna? Maybe you should bulk some more.


I just searched through your old posts so I know you are a beginner. At 17, you have made little progress in terms of what you could ahve actually made which only leads me to believe that you are simply turned around greatly as far as what you are trying to do. This is the pic you posted in November:

No, I don't see someone there that needs to be focusing on losing weight, especially at that age. Did someone at school talk you into this?


I never said i was trying to lose weight...im only trying to lose body fat...You know fuck you all. I gained 8lbs...thats really not bad...and as for other 17 year olds..thats real good compared to them. I know kids that have been working out for a year and look the same. People sayin shit like "i take shits bigger than that". Well in that case i really hope you get cancer, bleed from your ass/mouth, and die...in which case ill have an early birthday party with a candle to remind me of your death so i can smile a little more. I'm so tired of you guys thinking that being 17 means being able to gain muscle like nothing....Thats such utter bullshit. Just as much work goes into it as it does for you guys. As for why didnt you eat pizza and other shit...its because i already have a thick fucking look...my body fat is already high...and i wanted to gain as much lean mass as possible..not as much MASS as possible. Go kill yourselves.


You took the absolute worst that anyone in this thread had to say and skipped any information that could've helped you. Then again, that doesn't surprise me.


wow..feel better? lol


Like I said before (In different terms): Just Don't Feed the Trolls. It will make them go away. (Realizing that you were trying to help at the begining, its pointless to add anything else.)


Would it have been that hard to just give me information that would have helped me without the smart comments?


facko, X knows his stuff and has a point. It wouldn't be smart to cut now. You won't have much muscle to show for it and you'll likely lose some in the process. The annorxic look isn't that great.


I'm not going to knock you, but it just seems like a waste to bulk and only put on 8 lbs. then want to cut.

I've gained 36 lbs. since I started bulking 4 months ago and I still don't think it's enough to cut yet. To go from 175 to 183 just doesn't seem like you put on enough to worry about cutting. To give you a comparrison, I'm not planning to cut until I hit AT LEAST 190 which would be a total gain of 55 lbs.

Even then it's going to depend on how I look at 190 whether I try to cut (5 - 10 lbs.) or try to push it to 210.

That's why people are questioning you. 8 lbs. really isn't much of a bulk to all of a sudden want to cut.


What "smart" comments did I make to you? I assumed you wouldn't listen. You didn't. You went on a rant about what others told you. The truth is, none of them were really wrong. You just didn't want to hear it. That doesn't surprise me either because you are 17. You think you know everything right now and that everyone else is dumber than you or doesn't see things through your eyes. Many of us have been past where you are now.

I looked through your old posts and it implies someone that really doesn't know much about bodybuilding but is feeling around trying to get a taste of it. The questions you ask tell me this. Then, when advice is given, you rant and ignore it. Do you really think that I just told you shit for no damn reason?

Only another kid who thinks that abs on a 130lbs body are great would agree that you need to "cut" right now. The truth is, outside of those who are truly obese, very few teenagers need to be truly dieting AT ALL because their bodies are still growing. Why wouldn't you take full advantage of the one time in your life when you are going to grow more than you ever will again?

You will NEVER be 17 again. That means, in all aspects of life, including socially, make the decisions that will put you ahead of the game 10 years from now. Do you even think that far ahead? I always did. Maybe it just came naturally.


Well the reason being...is cuz i told you before about gyno and everything. That really fucked with my self esteem and confidence with girls and i figured if i used a fat burner i could cut and gain at the same time...and then the gyno would be gone? Thats why im so eager to cut.


But, I showed you other posts on this board regarding gyno and how it often needs surgery to be dealt with. I understand that is crushing to your self esteem. I know what you probably feel like just trying to change clothes for gym class. However, dieting alone will often not get rid of gyno if it more than a minor case associated with fat gain alone. I don't know how "severe" your case, but I can tell you that surgery is rather minor and something that you may have to wait until you are 18 to get taken care of.

At your age, you are still growing in height. It doesn't really take a "diet" to even get leaner at your age. You continue lifting for strength and simply clean up your diet a little if the goal is to avoid any more fat gain over muscle gains.


I dont post here much, i read it all the time. I see Professor X posts everywhere and used to be a bit skeptical of the dude, but i gotta say the man is right 99% of the time, and i also gotta hand it to him for his patience with the various meat-heads he tries to help that totally blow him off. So the basic premise of this post is this, listen to the good Professor, and to the Professor, kudos for being so patient and sharing your knowledge here.


Thats what i look like right now...you really dont think i should cut? Should i just keep getting bigger? I mean i do think i look pathetic there...i would like to get bigger...but id also like to take my shirt off and have a six pack...should i just be patient and bulk more? Or if i cut right now will i look scronny?