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End of 'Bulk'


Sup !

Basically, i've been trying to gain some weight since August of last year.

In that time, I went from 175 to 216

As far as stats goes

Squats : 315 x 6 ATG, 405x2 Parrallel
Deadlift : 445 x 4
Bench : I dont benchpress
Decline Benchpress : 325 x 8

I train DC

Diet started at 4000 cals ended at 4800
Protein intake : 2g/lb

Left : June 2008 pics
Right : April 2009 pics

Any comments/criticism would be appreciated


pic #2


pic #3


pic #4


^pic #5


pic #1

dont know why they came so small so ill repost current ones for criticisms


pic #2


pic #3


pic #4


pic #5


Legs from sideview (i think I need to work on my hamstrings)


I'd say you definitely added some quality mass to your arms, legs, and back width. Good job.

You pose funny though which makes it hard to tell :slight_smile:


Good job dude. Nice to see some decent progress from folks.

Looks like you put on some good size overall. Congrats - keep up the hard work.


Haaaaaaaa yes ! I might pay someone to teach me how to do them properly actually loll

Thx for the comments SkyNett and Waylander

Any area I should focus a bit more on?


(i hope everyone noticed the hot nemo poster in the background)


Yeah, like waylander said, it's kind of hard to tell by the way you pose haha. I can't really tell what your chest looks like, for instrance, and you need to learn to hit that lat spread a bit better to really make your lats pop cuz I'm sure you've got some in there.

But you've made some good progress! get up some better poses so we can really see.


It's really hard to tell haha but from what I can see chest and hams. Also from what I can see even though you did bring up your back and arm's they still need more size IMO. My opinion may change when you post a pic where you actually spread your scapulae and keep your arms at 90 degrees in your back double bi though :wink:


Haaaaaaa fuck me !

I blame the girlfriend for not telling me I wasnt posing right !


Gonna try to take other pics soon than I guess


Awesome transformation with the bulk. You are much bigger, definitely!

Great Job.

So does your gf like the new you, or as I should say the "bigger" you??


Yeah she does actually but you know, girls do love abs..

But since its summer time.. Now i'm looking to drop to 195 or something around that and maintain untill august of next year and than.. go back to bulking