End of Bulk Cut ? and Others

im about 2 and a half weeks into my bulking cycle of cyp (500mg/week) and deca (300mg/week) and ive already beefed 11 lbs. my cycle will last 12 weeks but i plan on going on vaction right as soon as cycle is done.

im planning on beefing untel week 11, throw in some soft cardio starting of week 9 (just to get use to cardio again) but continue eating shit loads to bulk, and starting of week 11 i throw in some winny for 4 weeks (weeks 11-14) and change my routine and diet for cutting, because i really want to cut and look good on vaction.

this is my first cycle, and ive never successfully cut. i know how to cut but i just find it to dam hard not to eat as many carbs. my question is, can 4 weeks of cutting be done to lose about 5-10 lbs of pure fat? or am i just wasting my gear? i have a fat calibur which gives me consistant readings of 11.6% BF (which i know im not 11.6% BF) and i move it over just a bit then i get consistant readings of 18.x% BF. id say im more of ~16% BF. i know the caliburs are not accurate but my understanding is that u can always tell if you’ve gained or lost fat if u know how to use it correctly.

i have 80ml of winstrol at 50mg/ml and seriously i dont know how effective winny is or what to even expect. i was planning on drinking 50mg ether ED or EOD. my stuff is sterile so if need be i can inject it but am not looking forward to ED/EOD injections. i also have Albuterol, 2 bottles of 60 ml. (props to chemone) and am not sure if winny and albuterol even stack well, assuming it does stack well with winny i was planning on throwing albuterol in for the last 2 weeks of cutting.

oh yeah, and ive been woundering about this one for quite some time now. i was planning on bringing my bottle of nolvadex (again, props to chemone!) over the border to the stats, which i will be taking greyhound bus and have no clue how they search me or if its even illegal to bring it over.

having muscle without the definition sux! some input would be awesome.


Not to be rude or anything, but making this kind of questions after you have started your cycle is not good. You should have decided beforehand if you wanted to bulk or cut and stick with the plan no matter what.

That said I am of the opinion that you should never bulk after you can’t see your abs. That is just personal preferences. If you have 18% then you are at the top of the level and it would be better to switch focus and cut until you reach a good level and then clean bulk the remainder of your cycle (until you head for the states).

If like you say you have never had the willpower to loose naturally the fat because you can’t tolerate going low on carbs then you are in for a hard time. Because of this focus on increasing your cardio and NEPA while using brief workouts and carb-cutoffs which will maintain your energy levels but help a little with the fat loss.

Once you reach your personal level of leanness then decide next course of action.

I would agree…it’s hard as hell to actully cut down (@ least for me). If you’re already on and don’t want to waste your shit, that’s fine…just make sure when you’re bulking you don’t over-eat and you eat as clean as possible or you’ll just end up being a strong fatass (no offense intended).

Trust me it can be a bitch to get back down. I would up your cardio right now and keep working your ass off. How much are you looking to gain w/this cycle and what are your stats right now??? This would help a little…

I’m following that course of action right now myself. I’m planning on throwing some mass on again once I drop body-fat to single digits.

This is the best way to go about it, in my opinion as well. Unless you have the discipline and will power to submit yourself completely to a strict, solid diet… you’ll never be lean. And no matter what you may think or hear, no type or amount of steroid is going to lean you out without a great deal of determination.

ok. but how about brining the PCT over the border is that illegal?